Barcode Standards

Do it Best Corp. Barcode Standards

The usefulness of barcodes relies on the ability to scan them quickly and accurately. To optimize speed gained by scanning, Do it Best Corp. want to achieve success on the first pass (or scan) of a barcode. The percentage of successful first scans to the total number of scans performed is referred to as the “first pass read rate.”

Do it Best Corp. want to strive for the highest possible first pass read rate. Do it Best Corp. considers any first pass read rate at or above 95% to be acceptable. Meeting this goal depends on the quality of the barcode manufacturers place on their products. Do it Best Corp. requires that all barcode symbols be printed in conformance with industry guidelines. High quality barcodes must exist in order for scanning equipment to decode the information. However, if for any reason a product cannot be scanned, it is critical that all the human readable characters to be printed with the barcode. The printing of these numbers is necessary for compliance with GS1 (formerly Uniform Code Council or UCC) and Do it Best Corp. guidelines.


Non-compliance with barcode standards will result in a monetary fine to be imposed that will adequately compensate Do it Best Corp. and its members to cover any operating costs or loss of profit incurred due to error(s). The amounts of these fines will be determined by a collaborative effort between the Do it Best Corp. Logistics and Purchasing Departments. Repetitive non-compliances will affect future purchases from a vendor (i.e., reduction in purchases, disqualification).

Shipment of product to Do it Best Corp. or Do it Best Corp. members will be interpreted as an agreement on behalf of the vendor to pay any fines assessed as a result of non-compliance with the Do it Best Corp. barcode policy. Do it Best Corp. reserves the right to withhold payment on shipments of product that are not in conformance with our barcode standards.

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