Barcoding EDI

Do it Best Corp. Barcoding Non-Compliance and Exceptions

The only items exempt from this policy are products that must be acted upon quickly in response to needs at retail or items that cannot be physically coded. Exceptions will be evaluated on an individual basis and must be approved by the Merchandise Manager or the Vice-President of Purchasing.

Barcoding Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with barcode standards will result in a monetary fine to be imposed that will adequately compensate Do it Best Corp. and its members to cover any operating costs or loss of profit incurred due to error(s). The amounts of these fines will be determined by a collaborative effort between the Do it Best Corp. Logistics and Purchasing Departments.

Repetitive non-compliances will affect future purchases from a vendor (i.e., reduction in purchases, disqualification). Shipment of product to Do it Best Corp. or Do it Best Corp. members will be interpreted as an agreement on behalf of the vendor to pay any fines assessed as a result of non-compliance with the Do it Best Corp. barcode policy. Do it Best Corp. reserves the right to withhold payment on shipments of product that are not in conformance with the barcode standards.


Do it Best Corp. will provide cross-reference reports to vendors to be used for verifying the accuracy of GTIN codes. In addition, they require that all vendors perform quality checks on existing and proposed GTIN codes. These quality checks should be performed for each variation of GTIN codes used by the vendor. A change in any of the following criteria constitutes a “variation”:

  • product packaging
  • shape of product (if not packaged)
  • barcode size
  • color (of barcode or background)
  • film master (production method or supplier)
  • print method or supplier producing barcode.

Quality tests should be performed using a barcode verifier, a device that tests the accuracy of a barcode to determine if the barcode meets a specification. The results of these tests must be in compliance with GS1 guidelines. Do it Best Corp. will enforce adherence to these guidelines.


Any barcode numbers or symbols that are found to be inaccurate according to the Do it Best Corp. standards must be corrected at the vendor’s expense. At a minimum, the vendor will need to provide Do it Best Corp. with high quality barcode labels to correct unacceptable barcodes. The vendor may have to reimburse Do it Best Corp. for all costs associated with assisting these corrections.

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