Barneys EDI & Catalog

Barneys EDI & Catalog Compliance: Business Communication With Vendors

Barneys EDI & Catalog program helps to communicate with vendors, strengthen existing trading partnerships and integrate supplychain activities for improved business efficiencies.

Barneys ecCatalogue is a product data repository containing important marketing, packaging, pricing and regulatory information about products. Sharing this data between suppliers and retailers greatly simplifies supply chain operations between them, getting goods to market faster. Sharing your product information with Barneys on ecCatalogue is required before trading EDI transactions with them.

Update your EDI mapping as per Barneys’ EDI requirements

The Barneys EDI Implementation Guides for the mandatory transactions: 850 (Purchase Order), 856 (Advanced Ship Notice) and 810 (Invoice) are available on the online registration page. Make the necessary changes to your EDI maps/transactions to match Barneys’ EDI requirements. The EDI guides include sample test files of each transaction. Refer to them while doing your internal validations, prior to beginning EDI compliance testing with InterTrade (Barneys EDI Provider).

Connect your EDI network with Barneys: Contact your EDI VAN or EDI service provider and request a new trading partner relationship with Barneys on the InterTrade VAN, with the following EDI info. Please make sure to set-up both the production and testing EDI IDs:

VAN: InterTrade Systems Inc.
ISA Qualifier: ZZ



If you are not currently trading EDI, Barneys can help in becoming EDI capable. With InterTrade as your EDI provider, Barneys team of implementation specialists provides you with the hands-on assistance and development work required for your organization to become EDI-ready with Barneys. Different solutions are available depending on your current IT capabilities.

As part of your registration, you will have a service agreement to accept for the EDI Compliance service provided by InterTrade. This is a mandatory step for all suppliers and the agreement is standard for all.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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