Barneys EDI Program

Barneys EDI Program Basic Guides

Barneys EDI Program (Electronic Data Interchange) enables the exchange of business documents (such as a purchase order, advanced shipping notification, invoice, etc.) according to a pre-established standard (ANSI X.12), thus facilitating the automation and integration of trade, from system to system (i.e. ERP). EDI is an electronic alternative to traditional transactions manually exchanged via mail, fax or email.

Barneys EDI Program Benefits

  1. Productivity: Automation and standardization of paper-based processes
  2. Reliability: Reduction of errors related to manual entry (orders and invoices)
  3. Optimization: Realignment of internal resources
  4. Visibility: Monitoring business document exchanges in real-time
  5. Cost reduction: Improved management of the supply chain (time and effort)
  6. Planning: Increased planning efficiency with detailed breakdown (in days & weeks)
  7. Control: More control over shipments (Barneys will rate you on “ship” vs. “due” dates).

InterTrade offers EDI service options, even for companies with low technical capabilities. If your internal systems cannot do EDI or if you use a Web EDI solution with other trading partners, contact us at for a personalized consultation.

Steps To Register for Barneys’ EDI Program

  • Register online – it’s fast & easy: Go to and complete your online registration.
  • Registration confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation upon completing your online registration.
  • Registration follow-up: A representative from InterTrade will contact you within two business days to confirm your registration and introduce the next steps to become EDI-ready with Barneys.

Barneys will now leverage EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to communicate business requirements with its vendors. This will help further strengthen existing trading partnerships and integrate supplychain activities for improved business efficiencies.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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