Belk EDI requirements

Belk EDI requirements and guidelines for effective business operation

Belk EDI requirements are of a high importance for vendors already working with Belk and those who are going to establish partnership. EDI is Belk’s standard method for communicating many of the business documents. By trading EDI documents with the vendors, both parties have an opportunity to significantly eliminate redundant data entry. All Belk EDI requirements are within the accepted VICS guidelines.

Belk can receive the following EDI documents (+ Version):

212 Motor Carrier Delivery Trailer Manifest 4030 VICS
214 Carrier Shipment Status Document 4030 VICS
810 Invoice 4030 VICS
832 UPC Catalog from INOVIS 4030 VICS
855 Reverse Purchase Order 4030 VICS
856 Advance Shipment Notification/Manifest 4030 VICS
997 Functional Acknowledgment 4030 VICS.

Belk can send the following EDI documents (+ Version):

850 Outbound Purchase Order 4030 VICS
852 Sales/Inventory Data 4030 VICS
110 Air Freight Invoice
180 Request for Return Authorization
210 Freight Invoice
816 Organizational Relationships
853 Routing and Carrier Instructions
860 Purchase Order Change
870 PO Acknowledgment

Belk EDI requirements say that a vendor send the 204/211 Motor Carrier Shipment Information to all freight carriers via version 4030 VICS.

All EDI documents according to Belk EDI requirements (except invoices) must be at the UPC level. Therefore, you must be 100% UPC marked and provide your UPC catalog electronically before Belk can trade with you.

Belk informs that it will no longer require or utilize packing slips as part of the receiving process for those vendors who utilize Advanced Shipment Notices (ASN’s). If Belk has not received accurate ASN’s prior to the time that the respective shipment is physically received at our Distribution Center, an expense-offset charge of $10 per carton will be assessed to the vendor.

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