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Belk EDI guidelines for merchandise suppliers

Belk EDI terms and conditions which have been established for merchandise suppliers (“Vendor”) who trade with Belk Merchandising, LLC (“BMLLC”). By entering into a transaction with BMLLC effectuated through Belk EDI Vendor agrees to the following Belk EDI terms and conditions:

  1. BMLLC and Vendor agree to conduct merchandise transactions using the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards EDI protocol.
  2. Each party agrees that it will be responsible for its own costs associated with any EDI transmission and for any storage fees charged by a third party service provider. Vendor will be responsible for all extra costs associated with interconnecting Belk EDI transmissions.
  3. Each party will be responsible for its own costs in developing its EDI software and its testing.
  4. If BMLLC provides sales and/or inventory data to Vendor, BMLLC will use due diligence to ensure the accuracy thereof. However, BMLLC makes no warranty as to such data being free of errors or omissions.
  5. Vendor agrees not to disseminate Belk Confidential Information to anyone except those of its employees and consultants who are directly involved in this Belk EDI relationship.
  6. If any EDI transactions deal with merchandise which bears or utilizes private labels, trademarks, service marks, trade names, distinctive words, slogans, logos, pictures, or designs (“Private Label Merchandise”) the following provisions will be applicable thereto:
    1. Disposition of Belk Private Label Merchandise is prohibited without the prior written approval of the Belk EVP/Private Brands.
    2. Production samples of all Belk Private Label Merchandise, in each size and with a complete set of color swatches, must be sent to the attention of the applicable Belk Product Manager.
    3. All tags and private brand labels must be authorized by the respective Belk Product Manager and must be purchased only from Belk authorized label and tag supplier. Any Private Label Merchandise that is shipped (i) without the prior approval of the production samples, (ii) past the Cancellation Date, or (iii) without authorized labels and tags is automatically subject to (a) cancellation and return at Vendor’s expense or (b), if the merchandise is retained by Belk for sale, a penalty consisting of (x) Vendor’s being responsible for all freight charges and/or (y) a minimum reduction of 15% in the cost of such merchandise. This penalty will be automatically deducted by Belk before payment is made of Vendor’s EDI invoice.

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