Benefits of Electronic Data Interchange

Benefits of Electronic Data Interchange For CGS (A Celerian Group Company) Providers

Benefits of Electronic Data Interchange to providers who conduct business with Medicare electronically are vivid. Some of those benefits include:

  • No more paper claims: EDI (submitting claims to CGS electronically eliminates paperwork so your staff can accomplish more in less time. You will also save money on postage and claim forms.
  • Earlier payment floor. Electronic claims may be paid as soon as 13 days after the date of submission, versus 29 days after the date of receipt for paper claims.
  • Earlier detection of errors. EDI edits ensure the validity of certain fields for electronic claims, which helps reduce reopening’s, claim adjustments and redeterminations (appeals).
  • Accurate payment – EDI reduces the possibility of manual entry errors, so your claims process more accurately and consistently.
  • Medicare claims submitted electronically may be accepted into out processing system in as little as 24 hours.
  • Flexibility – With EDI, you control the frequency and volume of claims submission. You can also submit claims for several practitioners or facility locations at one time.
  • Electronic reports for better business management – Several reports are available only to electronic billers.
  • Support personnel – CGS EDI Help Desk staff are dedicated to supporting electronic claim submitters.

CGS provides information about electronic billing and offer support to all electronic billers in the testing and production process.

What is myCGS?

myCGS is a Web-based application developed specifically to serve the needs of health care providers and their staff in Jurisdiction 15. Access to myCGS is available 24/7 and is free of charge. A wide range of information and features are available through myCGS, including:

  • Part B Claim Submission (Part B only)
  • Claim status
  • Remittances Advices
  • Beneficiary Eligibility
  • Financial Tools
  • Messaging/Letters
  • Forms – Redetermination Requests – Offset Request – Medical Review (MR) Additional Documentation Request (ADR) Responses – Part A Credit Balance Submission (Part A/HHH only) – Credit Balance Report.

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