BENTELER Electronic Data Interchange

BENTELER Electronic Data Interchange Supplier Manual Guidelines

BENTELER Electronic Data Interchange strategy is to promote the exchange of data electronically (EDI/ Web-EDI). Only with the support of modern communication techniques can daily business processes be simplified, standardized and a high degree of process reliability be achieved. The expectation over the coming years is that all suppliers will be become compatible with electronic data exchange.

BENTELER Electronic Data Interchange (EDI/Web-EDI)

Suppliers can communicate the following with BENTELER via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI/Web-EDI):
• Delivery schedules
• JIT-Schedules
• JIS-Schedules
• Advanced shipping notification (ASN)
• Credit notes

When contacting BENTELER via electronic means, please ensure that the Parameter Agreement for Suppliers has been completed

The standard message type is EDIFACT and should be used for incoming and outgoing messages. In exceptional cases other message types can be used if this is agreed with BENTELER. Each handling unit must be labelled according to BENTELER labelling standards. BENTELER will inform the suppliers, if additional labels are required for transportation. The supplier is responsible for the correct labelling as per applicable laws and transportation rules.

Within 15 minutes after departure the ASN must be sent to BENTELER.

Delivery Notes and Shipping Orders

Delivery notes and shipping orders must be created according to the defined data requirements by the individual BENTELER location. Shipping Orders shall be accompanied by the appropriate delivery notes. All delivery notes for the complete shipment must be listed on the shipping order. Only one delivery note may be used for each part number, unless otherwise agreed.


To ensure correct customs clearance for the importation of goods, the invoices must contain the following information:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Vendor name & address
  • Purchaser name & address
  • Goods recipient
  • Order number and reference numbers
  • Conditions of delivery pursuant to agreed delivery term
  • BENTELER part numbers
  • Designation of goods including the HTS-Code (Harmonized Tariff System) which must correspond with the information in the preferential agreement
  • Item quantity
  • Value of goods, individual price and total price
  • Currency
  • Country of origin
  • Gross weight
  • Net weight.

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