Best Buy Commercial Invoice

Best Buy Commercial Invoice Vendor Guidelines

Best Buy Commercial Invoice submitted for Customs clearance must be identical in quantity, price, and model/sku to the invoice submitted for payment to Best Buy for open account payment terms or to Best Buy’s bank for letter of credit payment terms.  For each shipment only one PO per invoice and one invoice per PO is to be submitted. However, if product shipped under one PO creates a situation where it results in a Full Container Load (FCL) and a Less than Container Load (LCL), two invoices must be created, one for the FCL and another for the LCL.

Multiple POs on one shipment are allowed, provided that separate invoices are created for each PO. Any discrepancies may delay the shipment and will require revised documents to be submitted by the vendor

At a minimum for all shipments, the Best Buy commercial invoice must include the following information and must be in English:

  • Vendor/Seller name and address if other than the shipper or manufacturer
  • Exporter/Shipper full name and address
  • Name and address of manufacturing site; must be the actual location where the product was manufactured
  • Consignee’s name and address
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date – must be recorded as the estimated date of vessel departure
  • Country of Origin (manufacture) of goods; if more than one country is involved, please list all applicable countries
  • Incoterms as negotiated
  • PO number
    • Best Buy PO
    • SAP PO, if applicable
  • SKU number (Best Buy SKU number is 8 digits)
  • Clear and detailed description of the merchandise
  • Quantity of pieces per SKU
  • Unit Price in USD
  • Total value of invoice in USD
  • Port of Lading
  • Port of Entry
  • Shipping Mode (Air or Ocean)
  • Note marks of package in which the merchandise is packaged, recorded in measurements of the United States
  • FCC ID number (when applicable)
  • FDA accession number (when applicable)
  • TSCA Statement (when applicable, on invoice or separate form)
  • Lacey Act Declaration Stmt (when applicable, on invoice or separate form)
  • Other declarations, statements (when applicable, on invoice or separate form)
  • If invoice is more than two pages, each page will show the invoice number and a page number in consecutive order
  • All additional charges not included in the unit prices must be added as a separate line item and itemized
  • For samples or articles of no commercial value, a fair market value must be stated for customs purposes
  • Shipping marks to state as “Shipping marks as per packing list” (for HK RF program only).

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