Shipping guidelines

Shipping guidelines for Best Buy Direct to Store (DTS) Vendors

Best Buy Direct to Store Guides are intended to assist vendors and carriers with understanding the processes of shipping to Best Buy stores, including details about location information, package labels, and packing slips.

These guidelines should be referenced for core product Purchase Orders, not for SDF (Supplier Direct Fulfillment) orders.

Packaging and Labels

  • Shipments must include only one PO per individual shipping carton (box).
  • Multiple products may be in the same box as long as they are included on the same PO.
  • The label must include the following information:
    • Accurate ship-to Best Buy store address
    • Vendor name o Best Buy Purchase Order (6-character alpha PO)
  • To avoid a poor customer experience, do not affix labels directly onto the surface of sellable units.
  • When possible, labels should be placed on the outside surface of non-sellable cartons. Labels should not cross any carton seams or edges.

Packing Slips

Packing Slip definition: Per individual shipping carton (box), it is an accurate and itemized list of goods, prepared by the shipper and used as a checklist for the purpose of tallying delivered goods at the item level.

  • Packing slip in the individual shipping carton (box) must include:
    • Ship From information
    • Ship To information
    • Best Buy Purchase Order (6-character alpha PO)
    • Best Buy SKU number(s)
    • Product UPC(s)
    • Product model number or description
    • Product unit quantities
  • For multiple carton shipments, a copy of the packing list should be included with each carton and/or the shipping label must identify the number of cartons associated with the purchase order.

Before shipping product to Best Buy, PO must be created in Best Buy system. This enables seamless and more accurate receiving.

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