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Best Buy EDI Vendors Requirements And Tips

Best Buy EDI vendors must be registered for Web-enabled EDI within two months of receiving their first PO. At that time, if vendors are not compliant, PO’s will not be available on the web site.

The following VICS documents are mandatory for all Best Buy EDI vendors:

  • 810 Invoice via traditional EDI or Web EC.
  • 850 Purchase Order via traditional EDI or Web EC.
  • 860 Purchase Order Change via traditional EDI or Web EC.
  • 856 Advance Shipment Notification via traditional EDI or Web EC.

Best Buy has built strong relationships with its vendors during the growth to a national consumer electronics and appliance retailer. As business expands, it is critical that Best Buy maintain a strong focus on EDI operational efficiency. By working together Best Buy can bring product to its sales floor as efficiently and timely as possible. This is critical for providing value to the customers.

It is expected that all shipments from all vendors to all Best Buy facilities will be in compliance with the EDI requirements. The Vendor Domestic and Vendor Direct Import Routing and Shipping Guides are a comprehensive source of information on how to interface with Best Buy.  The company requirements reflect its commitment to reduce the time and effort involved in transporting and processing your product through the supply chain, and controlling unnecessary freight and labor expenses. The requirements set forth in this guide are definitive, clear and consistent with the standard practices prevalent throughout the retail industry.  Your compliance to the EDI policies and procedures contained in this guide will help ensure that these goals are achieved.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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