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Best Buy Packaging And Labeling Requirements For Vendor Shipments

Best Buy Packaging And Labeling procedures require all products to be packaged to conform with good packaging procedures, the requirements of carriers and to the National Motor Freight Classifications (NMFC) requirements.

  • All products must be packaged in recyclable corrugated cartons with minimum burst strength of 125 pounds per square inch (PSI).
  • Only one model/UPC per carton.  Cartons containing multiple models are unacceptable.
  • Only one purchase order per carton.  Cartons containing multiple purchase orders are unacceptable.
  • Partial cartons are unacceptable.
  • Banding of cartons is unacceptable.
    • Banding may be necessary for multi-carton models.  If necessary, bands must be plastic and corner protectors are to be used on all the banded edges to avoid possible damage to the product.
    • Metal banding is not acceptable.
    • Logistics is to be notified of all multi-carton models that will require banding.  Please send notification to the Logistics Compliance Program Department (see section 1).
    • EXCEPTION: Banding of plasma TV cartons with plastic bands (maximum of 3 per carton) is acceptable and does not need to be pre-approved by the Logistics Compliance Program Department.
  • Each model/UPC will have a specific negotiated Case Pack Quantity (CPQ) as approved by Best Buy Marketing.  Each model/UPC must ship in the specific CPQ on every Best Buy shipment.
    • Any change requests to specific models CPQ must be sent in writing to Best Buy Marketing.  If the change is accepted in writing by Best Buy Marketing, the vendor can then begin shipping in the new approved CPQ for all future shipments and must cease shipping that model to Best Buy in the old CPQ.
  • If the shipment is inspected, then the carton must be sealed with tapes, and with “factory inspected and sealed” printed on the tapes.

General Labeling Requirements

  1. All product (individual units, inners cartons and master cartons) must be appropriately labeled according to the below detailed requirements.
  2. Information can be either pre-printed on the product/carton, applied in the form of a label, or a combination there-of.  Most labels are 4”x6” in size. Label can be located anywhere on the carton except the bottom.
  3. Special handling notations should be on any and all cartons if applicable.  Examples of such notations are:
  • Fragile
  • This end up
  • Do not clamp on sides
  • Do not stack more than X units high
  • Protect from heat

Best Buy China Ltd cartons must be marked with the production date code. All express and airfreight shipment labels should reflect the following verbiage: “Carton X of N” where “X” is the sequential carton number and “N” is the total number of cartons in the shipment.

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