Big Rock Sports EDI Compliance

Big Rock Sports EDI Compliance: Vendor Requirements

Big Rock Sports EDI Compliance is required for all suppliers that participate in all purchasing and financial transactions. Big Rock Sports has two methods that are considered in Big Rock Sports EDI Compliance: Electronic Data Interchange full integration or partnership with EDI provider. Big Rock Sports has full capabilities to support all organizations with implementing EDI solutions.

EDI Web forms has been implemented to replace the past fax and E-mail options which are no longer acceptable or compliant

Vendors will be held accountable for non-compliance with Big Rock Sports EDI Compliance requirements. Not meeting the requirements adds unnecessary cost and burden on Big Rock sports and directly impacts the service it provides to the customers.

EDI-ASN Guidelines Standards

Advance Shipment Notification allows for the receiving departments to have shipment information already in the system prior to the arrival of the Vendors shipment on the dock. ASN also allows for the use of UCC128 labels, when scanned can be received directly without the added need to count the unit contained within the carton. Carton IDs on the UCC128 coincide with the EDI ASN sent. Container ID numbers indicate the contents of each carton for the ASN.

An ASN must be sent within 12 hours of shipment. All ASNs must arrive at the receiving location prior to the arrival of product. Any shipment arriving without an ASN will be reported to the vendor and subject to chargeback. Vendor Compliance Error Reports sent to your Customer Service department will document “No ASN” for the shipment. Do not attempt to send the ASN after the notification of “No ASN”, the shipment in question has already been processed.

One PO per Shipment (ASN) is preferred, simplifying receiving and reconciling with EDI invoice (810). However if necessary multiple purchase orders can combined on one ASN. It is imperative that the shipment number be displayed on each document in the shipping/receiving process. The shipment number is the unique number that appears on the ASN (EDI – BSN02). This number must be displayed on the packing slip, shipping label and on the EDI invoice. (EDI-BIG10).

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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