Big Rock Sports Packaging

Big Rock Sports Packaging Requirements: Forms, Packing List And Bill of Lading

Big Rock Sports Packaging supposes each shipping carton contain only one item, from one specific Purchase Order and be associated to one Advanced Shipment Notice. Every carton shipped to any Big Rock Sports Distribution Center is required to be marked with a properly formatted UCC128 Label. All modes of shipment and for multiple pallet or carton shipments each carton must have the proper labels applied.

Items should never be shipped in less than inner pack quantities. Do not send items loose in the carton with more than 1 unique SKU or mixed carton. Packing of unique SKU’s in a plastic bag though not preferred is acceptable to provide clear separation of each unique item in any carton.

UCC128 labels are required for all cartons. If the shipment is only 1 SKU per pallet, a pallet level UCC128 label is acceptable. The UCC128 label must not be covered or obscured by any other label

Big Rock Sports Packaging: Packing List

Each shipment (PO-ASN) requires a packing list to be sent with the shipment. Packing Lists must be machine printed and legible to the user. If there are multiple Purchase Orders in a shipment, each PO must have a separate packing list. The packing list must be clearly located in a plastic “packing lists enclosed” pouch on the exterior of the first carton of each PO and visible to the loader. For truckload shipments, the cartons containing the packing lists must be easily accessible prior to unloading. Please place them at the rear of the trailer facing the un-loader.

The packing list must identify:

  • Big Rock Sports purchase order number
  • Big Rock Sports item number in numerical sequence
  • Vendor Model of Factory number
  • Quantities shipped
  • Shipper’s name
  • Packing List Number
  • Each PO must have a separate packing list sent with the shipment.

Big Rock Sports Packaging: Bill of Lading

Bill of Lading must be machine printed and legible to the user. Big Rock Sports requests that all vendors use the VICS Bill of Lading. Core carriers have adopted the VICS format. The V.I.C.S. Bill of Lading standard and documentation can be found on

When making multiple shipments on one day all shipments must be combined on a master Bill of lading to move as a single shipment. There should never be more then one bill of lading per day. Bill of Lading needs to show:

  • Ship From, Ship to Address
  • Bill of Lading Number
  • Carrier Name
  • The location and address and consignee information
  • Clearly identify shipment contents
  • Show all purchase orders included in the shipment.

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