Bill of Lading

Bill of Lading Requirements (Gordmans Domestic Shipments)

Vendor should combine same day shipments with single or multiple purchase orders for Gordmans departments on one master Bill of Ladings (BOL). The BOL must include:

  1. Vendor name, address, and zip code.
  2. Vendor Bill of Lading #.
  3. PO # (for multiple POs shipping on one BOL, list each PO on the BOL and manifest, if applicable).
  4. Number of cartons for each PO.
  5. If palletized, the number of pallets for each PO and total pallets. 6. Weight for each PO on the BOL and total weight of shipment.
  6. The appropriate commodity description, NMFC #, and class.
  7. If routed truckload, list the seal # and trailer #; or if routed less than truckload (LTL), list the LTL pro #.
  8. The BOL must specifically state Prepaid or Collect. Otherwise, carrier will assume terms are prepaid and charge the shipper the freight costs. Gordmans will not reimburse freight charges for failure to specify.
  9. Attach the Packing List to the BOL or attached in an envelope to the Lead Carton on the same side as the carton label. Packing List must be detachable – DO NOT USE OR COVER CARTON LABEL.

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