Boot Barn EDI Billing

Boot Barn EDI Billing And Invoicing Vendor Procedures

Boot Barn EDI Billing And Invoicing strategic initiative strongly encourages EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to improve operating efficiency. This is a top priority for Boot Barn to convert from manual processing of purchase orders, invoices and advance shipment notices (ASNs) to EDI. EDI will reduce the potential for lost or inaccurate orders by offering Boot Barn an improved and more visible tracking of data flow. Through the partnership the company is able to offer a number of EDI solutions that fit the business and financial needs of its vendor partners.

All merchandise purchase order invoices must reference all of the following details:

– Date of Shipment
– Boot Barn Purchase Order Number
– Payment Terms
– Destined Store number
– Vendor style number
– Per Unit Cost
– Invoiced/Shipped Units
– Extended cost and Total Amount Due

Any discrepancies will cause a delay and result in a non-compliance charge back to the vendor. All invoices must reference all of the following: A Boot Barn purchase order number, store number, date of shipment, vendor style number, payment terms, unit cost, units, extended cost and total amount due.

 To learn more about EDI Billing And Invoicing procedures and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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