BOSCH EDI ASN Requirements

BOSCH EDI ASN is required for each shipment. The supplier will send an ASN to BOSCH using EDI at the same time as the products are picked up by the LSP. The information in the ASN must match that on the delivery note.

For new connections, the transfer protocol Odette file transfer protocol (abbr.: OFTP2) and Applicability Statement 2 (abbr.: AS2) must be used, as well as message format ODETTE GLOBAL EDIFACT. Which fields within the ASN are defined individually as mandatory or optional fields and to be communicated accordingly by the SUPPLIER.

For previous processing using the standard VDA label, VDA4913 is the preference. This usage is based on the agreements made in the VDA working group “Templates/data exchange” (“Vordruckwesen / Datenaustausch”). These specify standardized sentence structures (fixed length of 128 characters) and standardized data elements, field lengths, field types, keys/codes, to be used as a binding programming basis for remote data transmission parties. It must be ensured that the data in the VDA 4913 message and the data on the shipping and transportation documents (e.g. shipping order, delivery notes or product tags, etc.) correspond.

When collecting the goods, the LSP acknowledges the number and type of packages or shipping units collected, but not their content, value, or weight. During transportation, the LSP must convey all shipping documents separately from the material itself.

For shipments processed through the BOSCH TMC and BOSCH TMS, the SUPPLIER is responsible to establish a clear assignment between main product tag and TO. In coordination with the TMC, the SUPPLIER can opt for one of the following variants:

  • The TO number is applied in addition to any main label with a TO label, which is printed in TMS.
  • The obligation to attach the TO label shall not apply if the SUPPLIER enters the delivery note number in a machine-readable format in the TMS-TO, and uses a material (abbr.: MAT) label that contains the delivery note number.

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