BOSCH Supplier Manual EDI

BOSCH Supplier Manual EDI Business Processes

BOSCH Supplier Manual EDI requirements cover particular business processes that are to be carried out with Electronic Data Interchange. The following business processes, in particular – where they are used – are to be carried out with EDI support:

  • Transmission of the call offs from BOSCH to the SUPPLIER.
  • Transmission of the advanced shipping notification (abbr.: ASN) from SUPPLIER to BOSCH.
  • KANBAN call offs.
  • Transmission of vendor managed inventory (abbr.: VMI) information.
  • For consignment warehouse processing: self-billing invoice (abbr.: SBI) (if legally permitted, country-specific) and stock movement list (inventory report message).
  • Transmission of confirmed dates/quantities from SUPPLIER to BOSCH.
  • Empties management

BOSCH Supplier Manual EDI link options

One of the two types of EDI link described below is to be used:

Classic EDI

Classic EDI includes a specific IT infrastructure on the supplier and customer side for processing electronic message formats. Classic EDI is designed to support direct communication between Enterprise Resource Planning (abbr.: ERP) systems with no media break, i.e. the information is exchanged between the supplier and customer side information processing systems with no additional manual recording. When using classic EDI, the consistency of the system (ensuring correct and complete data transfer) must be guaranteed for the entire planning, production, and shipping process by the SUPPLIER.

WebEDI (SupplyOn)

With WebEDI, information is exchanged between the supplier and customer via an Internet platform. Information is exchanged between the SUPPLIER and BOSCH via the SupplyOn Internet platform (available at When using WebEDI, the SupplyOn server processes the EDI data transmitted by BOSCH as web forms and provides them to the SUPPLIER along with message forms for data recording. To operate the system, the SUPPLIER requires a computer with Internet access. The SUPPLIER can use SupplyOn to create the shipping documents. Information on labeling of the products from the call-off is to be transferred to the shipping documents.

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