B&Q EDI Requirements

B&Q EDI Requirements: Delivery to DC

B&Q EDI requirements key points will be useful for vendors to start EDI trading. B&Q will be setting up the interconnection between EDI mailboxes at its VAN operated by OpenText. Vendor will need to set up EDI platform to prepare to receive messages from B&Q mailbox and to transmit to B&Q. Vendor needs to confirm once implemented tmessages and is ready to test.

Purchase order

Purchase orders will detail quantities expressed in base units (eaches) unless vendor have supplied B&Q product data department with GTINs for pack units. Each EDI file will contain only one order for delivery to one site. Vendor must notify B&Q Supply Chain Analyst of any problems fulfilling orders on time and in-full.

Handling Unit ASN

B&Q must receive vendor valid ASN before vendor attempt delivery. Cannot be for a quantity larger than the PO. Items not being delivered must be omitted, zero quantities are not permitted. Vendor will receive notification of success or rejection for each ASN transmission to a single e-mail address of vendor choice. Rejected ASNs must not be delivered until resolved. Deliveries without valid ASN may
be refused.

Physical Delivery

Vendor must have sent a successful ASN before attempting delivery. Handling Units on the ASN must reflect the physical packing of the stock. Delivery to B&Q DC must be accompanied by a manifest which includes the list of handling units being delivered, and prominently shows the ASN reference number. A sample copy of vendor manifest will need to be approved by our GFR team.


Invoice must only be sent after delivery has taken place. The invoice must make reference to the ASN and only contain the items delivered. Invoicing queries will be communicated from Supplier Accounts team.

To learn more about EDI vendor integration and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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