Carton EDI Label

Carton Content Label Requirements For Burlington Vendors

Separate carton content labels are required when carton content information does not fit on the UCC-128 label. Carton content labels are to be placed to the left of the UCC-128 label on the same panel of the carton. Cartons that are pre-printed with accurate carton contents (style, color, size, quantity) do not need additional carton content labels.

Odd Carton Label Requirements

Only 1 odd carton is allowed per 9 digit PO. An “ODD CARTON” label is required on pre-pack POs for cartons with either less or more units than the standard pre-pack used for the rest of the shipment.

Additional Label Requirements

Any additional labels, when required, must be placed on the same side of the carton as the UCC-128 label. Labels must not overlap or cover the UCC-128 label or PO, style, color, size, and quantity markings.  Label stickers must be large enough to be clearly identified (no less than 3” x 4” in size) with the exception of the UCC-128 size requirement of 4” x 6”.

More about Burlington carton and labeling requirements.

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