CAQH CORE 153 Batch

CAQH CORE 153 Batch Processing FAQs

CAQH CORE 153 Batch Processing basic rules provide integrity guidelines for CAQH CORE-authorized and new testing vendors. Part 1 FAQs are provided below.

1.Batch processing: Why not FTP or sFTP for batch transactions instead of HTTP/S?

HHTTP/S is robust and has a proven track record with batch transactions. The benefits of a single communication standard were a compelling reason to mandate its availability. Information sources that allow FTP and/or sFTP for batch transactions still can support those transmission methods.

2. Batch processing: Can CAQH CORE provide more specificity for the actual HTTP messages to use in the batch request and response?

CAQH CORE does not specify the batch request/response flow. An example of how it could be implemented is below. Please speak with your CAQH CORE-authorized testing vendor on how they will work with you on this issue during testing. See below for an example.

  1. Client (provider or their intermediary) sends an HTTPS POST message with a data content of: something like: <Message><Operation>ListBatchResponses</Operation><FilePattern>*.271</FilePattern> </Message>
  2. Server (payer or their intermediary) responds with a data content of something like: <Message><FileList><File>20060208_12345.271</File> <File>20060208_543627.271</File> </FileList></Message>
  3. Client decides which file to retrieve and sends a request like: <Message><Operation> GetFile</Operation> <File>20060208_543627.271</File></Message>
  4. And the server sends it back in something like: <Message> <File>20060208_543627.271</File> </Message>
  5. The client could then request other files or decide they are done

3. Batch processing: My organization’s system can provide an ASC X12 Implementation Acknowledgement (999) back on batch transactions within 20 seconds. Why can’t my organization just send the ASC X12 Implementation Acknowledgement (999) in the response to the submission to increase efficiency?

For consistency and ease of development, CAQH CORE decided that it was important to have a single standard. Based on that decision, and the fact that many batch processing information sources cannot commit to having the ASC X12 Implementation Acknowledgement (999) available in 20 seconds, CAQH CORE elected to mandate that the ASC X12 Implementation Acknowledgement (999) not be provided in the HTTP response.

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