Cardinal Health 856 ASN (Ship Notice/Manifest) Details

Cardinal Health 856 ASNCardinal Health 856 ASN transaction is one of the most frequently used EDI documents. All suppliers who are planning to start cooperation with Cardinal Health should pay attention to the information below regarding Cardinal Health 856 ASN transaction. Below find the possible scenarios of shipment and bar-coding guides that are applicable for shipments from all Cardinal Health vsuppliers.

Cardinal Health 856 ASN transaction scenarios

Scenario 1: Mixed shipment with exempt and non-exempt products:

  • Send a DSCSA-compliant ASN.
  • For the exempt items only: (Effective from August 2015)
    • Universal Product Code (UPC code) is accepted in lieu of an NDC for exempt items in a mixed shipment.
    • Omission of Lot number & expiration date is permitted for exempt items that lack those properties.

Scenario 2: Supplier sends two distinct types of shipments: exempt and non-exempt:

  • Send a DSCSA-compliant ASN for the non-exempt items.
  • Put a value of N in the YNQ02 for exempt shipments.

Scenario 3: Supplier only deals in exempt products:

  • No need to use DSCSA-compliant ASN.

GS1 – 128 Compliant Bar Codes

Cardinal Health 856 ASNGS1 – 128 Bar Codes are an integral part of any shipping process. That is why they are described together with Cardinal Health 856 ASN transaction in the post. The unique identifiers applied to each pallet and case should conform to the GS1- 128 standard and to HDMA (Healthcare Distribution Management Association) bar code guidelines. These identifiers should be included within the Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) as prescribed by Healthcare Distribution Management Association EDI guidelines. These were required to help Cardinal Health comply with existing pedigree regulations in multiple states. However, it is not necessary to label cases and pallets of narcotics and controlled drugs with unique identifiers, and these are also not required in the ASN.

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