Carton Label Requirements
Carton Label Requirements (Simon and Schuster EDI Vendor Guidelines)

Carton Label Requirements suppose that labels or stencils are required on two sides of every carton (one long side and one short side). The purchase/bind order will provide instructions on the product information that should be on the content label. Any additional marking is prohibited without prior approval.

Carton Label Requirements: Layout

  • Label cartons beginning at the bottom RIGHT on two sides (i.e. one end and one side).
  • Wrap around labels are acceptable. If applying wrap around labels to cartons, place the label so that one half is on the long side of the carton on the bottom RIGHT, and the other half is on the short end of the carton on the bottom left.
  • Black ink should be used for print.
  • The label should not be printed closer than 1 ¼“from any edge of the carton.
  • All bar codes must have a minimum height of 0.5 inches, however it is highly preferred that a height of 0.75 inches is used and must scan the proper information.
  • In order to support high speed scanning, use a minimum dimension of 0.015 inch (15 mils).
  • There must be a “quiet zone” or white space of at least 0.25 inches following the bar-code.
  • The recommended minimum label width is 6 inches, and the minimum label height is 4 inches.
  • ISBN must be a minimum of .25 inches or 25 point font.
  • Human Readable ISBN

Carton Label Requirements: Zones

The product label information should appear in the zoned layout defined below in the listed sequence.  All bar codes must follow the UCC/EAN-128 guidelines and technical specifications as defined in this document.

Zone 1- Product Information: Human Readable

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • On-Sale Date This field is only to be included on first printing titles. The on-sale date is provided on the Purchase Order in the ‘special instructions’ area.
  • Country of Origin

Zone 2- Publisher Information: Human Readable and/or Bar Coded

  • Publisher Purchase Order Number (Human readable and Bar Coded)
  • Cover Four Bar Code Designation (Human readable) EAN,UPC or E/U
  • Printing Number – Printing number – Year of printing (Human readable and Bar Coded)

Note on Bar Coding the ISBN in Zone 3: While the human readable ISBN 13 is to be printed to the right of the barcode on the Product Label, it must be encoded in the bar code as a 14-digit identifier utilizing GS1-128(UCC/EAN-128) symbology. This identifier, also known as GTIN 14(14 digit Global Trade Item Number), includes the Application identifier, “01”, and a fixed prefix of ‘1’ that is required and is used when you will need to recalculate the check digit.

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