Control Segment

The definition of Control Segment in Electronic Data Interchange The “Control Segment” typically refers to a specific segment within an EDI message that serves to control and provide information about the structure and content of the message. This segment is used to ensure the integrity of the EDI transaction and to help with the proper interpretation Read More →

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer Transaction usage in EDI Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) refers to the electronic exchange or transfer of money from one bank account to another, typically initiated through computer systems and electronic devices. EFT is a secure and convenient method, allowing for the seamless transfer of funds for various purposes, including payments, deposits, withdrawals, and Read More →

Data Element Reference

What is Data Element Reference Number (DER) in EDI Documents? A Data Element Reference Number (also known as a DER or Data Element Reference) is a unique identifier assigned to a specific data element within an EDI message or document. Data elements are the individual pieces of information that make up an EDI message, such as product Read More →

Asynchronous transmission

Asynchronous transmission definition for electronic data interchange usage Asynchronous transmission in electronic data interchange (EDI) is a method of sending and receiving digital data where each character or data byte is individually transmitted and synchronized by the use of start and stop bits. In asynchronous transmission, data is sent in a non-continuous, irregular manner, without Read More →