Mobile EDI

Mobile EDI Solution For Comfortable Customer Usage Mobile EDI solutions serve as a comfortable instrument for using electronic data interchange in full power. Unfortunately, mobile EDI applications were not prior when developers were thinking about successful EDI implementation. However, as EDI grows and develops, the need for comfortable control instruments becomes urgent. Earlier it was Read More →

IT team training

IT Team In EDI: Role of IT Department in Electronic Data Interchange Process IT Team may be strongly involved in company EDI process in order to support the infrastructure needed for electronic business. There must be an IT Team Lead who is responsible for team coordination, and if we speak about EDI specialists inside IT Read More →

EDI Workforce

EDI Workforce: Company Staff Involved In EDI Process EDI workforce relates to personnel from various functional areas of the company. One way or another a number of team members may be involved with EDI. For example, the accounts payable manager or clerk should be familiar with EDI operations if EDI invoicing is in place. The procurement Read More →

EDI Scheduling

EDI Scheduling: Common Scheduling Pitfalls/Solutions EDI Scheduling plays a major role in EDI implementations, unless an organization is starting jobs using an adhoc method. Very frequently a lot of EDI jobs error out in their first few weeks of production because enough thought does not go into the scheduling process. The consequences of the following pitfalls are Read More →

EDI Transmissions

PUSH vs. PULL EDI Transmissions: Pros And Cons EDI Transmissions method PULL vs. PUSH should be carefully taken into consideration for protocol design. The decision will have implications on security and usability. PULL: The pull method is when an organization decides for example to initiate an FTP connection to the trading partner’s server or a VAN to download Read More →

EDI Mapping Practice

EDI Mapping Practice As A Critical Factor EDI mapping practice is the thing you need when receiving a transaction in EDI or any other format. Even a ‘rip and read’ scenario requires a map to define where to put the data on a piece of paper. EDI mapping is an essential component of integrating EDI into a Read More →

EDI implemenation

EDI Implementation guidelines: requirements for different businesses There can be a lot of information in implementation guidelines. The main components are EDI mapping specifications and business rules, EDI communications options (VAN, AS2, etc.), and sometimes label and packaging requirements. The party creating the implementation guidelines refers to the EDI standards manual (e.g. ASC X12 manual) Read More →


Work From Home: How to stay active and effectve? While most people are on quarantine due to this unstable situation, we have prepared some useful tips how to stay effective on remote working from home. Organize your working space. First, choose a part of your flat where you will work in comfort. The room should Read More →


Take care of your health and protect others during COVID-19 Most people who become infected by new coronavirus experience mild illness and recover. However, it can be more severe for others. Take care of your health and protect others by doing these safety measures. Restrict your contacts and maintain social distancing Stay at home if possible. Do everything Read More →

EDIFACT Envelope

EDIFACT Envelope Structure And Levels There are two EDIFACT Envelope levels in which messages may be transmitted. The use of a particular level designates which character set will be used: EDIFACT Envelope LEVEL A (UNA): only upper case; only printable characters EDIFACT Envelope LEVEL B (UNB): upper and lower case; includes non-printing characters for delimiters UNA: Read More →