EDI Inventory Management For Multichannel Warehousing EDI Inventory Management applications allow to exchange documents in real time and automate processes such as invoicing, order supply form submission, stocks, sales, ledgers, and more. EDI Inventory Management solution can automatically pick the documents up from email or server and send them to an EDI business partner. Company can automate manual Read More →

Shipping Schedule Transaction Set (862) Basic Data Contents Shipping Schedule Transaction Set (862) can be used by supplier, and is intended to supplement the Planning Schedule Transaction Set (830). The Shipping Schedule Transaction Set will supersede certain shipping and delivery information transmitted in a previous Planning Schedule Transaction, but it does not replace the 830 transaction set. The Shipping Schedule Transaction Read More →

Transport Data For Shipments According to VDA 4921 (Daimler AG Partner Program) Transport Data For Shipments is an important link in the external material flow process. To ensure comprehensive process information, it is essential to include transport contractors in the electronic data interchange process. The VDA recommendations for EDI communications and documents for Transport Data For Shipments Read More →

Announcing a Public Review Period for the 270/271 Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry and Information Response Announcing A Public Review Period for Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry and Information Response (270/271) Implementation Guide (007030X332) and the Code Value Usage in Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Subsequent Response (007030X347) is planned for public review beginning July 16, 2018. The review period will Read More →

VDA 4913 Message Structure And Components Recommendations (Daimler AG EDI Operation) VDA 4913 Message serves as a delivery note data using standard EDI and is used in order to improve the quality of data sent between trading partners. VDA 4913 Message Data records 711 Header record – Identifies the partners. Defines purpose of communication 712 Transport Read More →

Version 7030 Review Process Comments And Engagement Version 7030 refers to the next major release of electronic health care administrative transaction standards developed by the Insurance Subcommittee (N) of X12, a national accredited standards committee. Version includes those transactions adopted under HIPAA (as version 5010) as well as those that were not adopted by regulation. Currently the Version Read More →

TR3 Review (X12N Version 7030) – Process FAQs TR3 Review (X12N Version 7030) FAQs and comments heighten industry awareness, provide a foundational understanding of the X12N Version 7030 process and encourage and support bodies and institutions in their participation. Why are the TR3s coming out at different times for review? A staggered approach allows for more focused reviews Read More →

X12N Version 7030 – TR3 Public Review and Comment Process FAQs X12N Version 7030 FAQs are provided to assist parties involved in health care regarding the upcoming industry review of the X12N version 7030 transaction standards. The goal is to heighten industry awareness, provide a foundational understanding of the X12N Version 7030 process, and encourage and support Read More →

The America Reinvestment and Recovery Act Purposes The America Reinvestment and Recovery Act purpose is to provide guidance with the development of nationwide health information technology infrastructure that allows for the electronic use and exchange of information that: (1) ensures that each patient’s health information is secure and protected, in accordance with applicable law; (2) Read More →