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GLNs In Supply Chain Operations The healthcare supply chain can be highly complex, particularly with products being able to follow multiple routes between the manufacturer or clinical trial sponsor and a hospital or other healthcare facilities, e.g. clinical trial site. Products can be delivered directly to an operating theatre or pharmacy by a supplier or Read More →

EDI Barcode Standards

Do it Best Corp. EDI Barcode Standards The usefulness of barcodes relies on the ability to scan them quickly and accurately. To optimize speed gained by scanning, Do it Best Corp. want to achieve success on the first pass (or scan) of a barcode. The percentage of successful first scans to the total number of Read More →

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EDI Webinars Bundle For All Industries For novice and experienced specialists involved in supply chain, inventory and sales, logistics, data analytics, finance, e-commerce etc. Online instructor-led webinars. Real-world examples and cases. Opportunity to consult with an expert that has implemented EDI for dozens trading part. Become a certified EDI professional by completing all six webinars Read More →

EDI training

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What is Electronic Business-to-Consumer Model? Business to Consumer electronic commerce is the process of selling products and services directly between businesses and the end-users online. Therefore, B2C companies can be described as companies that sell directly to end consumers. For example, a consumer buys devices, toys, grocery, and wear on the website of a definite company Read More →

Data Element Length

What does it mean – Data Element Length? Different EDI standards contain different sets of data elements related to that definite standard. Data elements dictionary provides various information about each data element including its length. Data Element Length is the range, minimum to maximum, of the number of character positions available to represent the value Read More →


B2B (Business-to-Business) Relationships B2B model means a type of business relationships where two companies sell products or services to each other. This model does not refer to companies and end consumers’ relationships (business-to-consumer or consumer-to-business models). B2B may be treated as supportive enterprise relationships between two business to reach the benefits goal, e.g. between manufacturer Read More →

EDI Training

GLNs In Product Traceability And Recall Product traceability is essential in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors where product quality may have major implications for patient safety. Companies already have legal and regulatory obligations to be able to trace and recall their products if issues arise. However, tracing is challenging due to the complexity of Read More →

Data Synchronisation

GLNs in Data Synchronisation Exchange of product and, or price information between suppliers and their trading partners (e.g., distributors/wholesalers, hospitals) is called data synchronisation. The information exchanged for data synchronisation is non-transactional and includes the unique product identifier (GTIN) as the record key and additional information such as product descriptions, regulatory information, sizes, and weights. Read More →


GLNs In eCommerce Transactions GLNs are used in many types of electronic commerce transactions and are most commonly used in conjunction with Global Trade Item Numbers® (GTIN®) and Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC) for purchasing, shipping, invoicing and stock status transactions. They provide the globally unique identification needed to securely exchange business information as well Read More →