The usage of the GS1 EDI in healthcare: Frequently Asked Questions In our previous posts, we talked a lot about the user cases and best practices of EDI usage in Healthcare. Today, we offer to sum up the series of these posts and give a portion of the Frequently Asked Questions, including the usage of the GS1 Global Read More →

EDI cost implementation

GS1 Cost and savings calculators for EDI Implementation Cost and savings calculators are important tools to help companies implementing EDI to determine the investment and return from the implementation. Some GS1 Member Organisations have developed cost and savings calculators that demonstrate that using GS1 EDI in Healthcare brings competitive advantages. The Challenge Manual, paper based processing of business transactions exchanged Read More →

supply chain efficiency

Improving patient safety and supply chain efficiency via GS1 Standards Implementation GS1 Standards help the industry to improve efficiency and quality for lower costs, more streamlined care delivery, and better patient safety. With GS1 Standards as the common language of business, trading partners can seamlessly share information to support data synchronization, as well as the Read More →

EDI education

Ordering, delivering and paying better using GS1 EDI Solutions All partners in the global healthcare supply chain, including healthcare providers, suppliers and third-party companies may benefit from GS1 EDI in Healthcare processes. The need to increase the speed and accuracy of transactions between healthcare parties is growing. This helps to offer a better quality of care. Getting Read More →