Eligibility & Claim Status CAQH CORE Companion Guides

X12N Version 7030 – TR3 Public Review and Comment Process FAQs X12N Version 7030 FAQs are provided to assist parties involved in health care regarding the upcoming industry review of the X12N version 7030 transaction standards. The goal is to heighten industry awareness, provide a foundational understanding of the X12N Version 7030 process, and encourage and support Read More →

Health Care Information

The America Reinvestment and Recovery Act Purposes The America Reinvestment and Recovery Act purpose is to provide guidance with the development of nationwide health information technology infrastructure that allows for the electronic use and exchange of information that: (1) ensures that each patient’s health information is secure and protected, in accordance with applicable law; (2) Read More →

EDI Enrollment and Registration

EDI Enrollment and Registration (Trading Partner Agreements Basics) EDI Enrollment and Registration basics state that Medicare FFS’ Trading Partner Agreement is comprised of two forms: 1) EDI Registration and 2) EDI Enrollment. A/B MACs and CEDI must use these two forms, or their own organization specific forms given they are comparable in terms of content, Read More →


HIPAA EDI Legislative Basics And Requirements HIPAA EDI is the process of using nationally established standards to exchange electronic information between business entities in health care. EDI national standards are developed and maintained by a group of standards development organizations (SDOs), such as the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 and the National Council of Prescription Drug Read More →