EDI transaction

EDI Basics: Format, Translation, and Control Numbers The Technical Components for an EDI message include: The ISX record is an optional component which indicates that the transmission contains qualifiers from other EDI versions, a foreign language or special characters. An EDI transaction is made up of the Interchange, Group, and Document (Transaction) sections. Control numbers Read More →

EDI webinars

Vendor-Neutral EDI Education And Certification: 2024 Schedule EDI Academy has been providing Electronic Data Interchange for more than 15 years. It elevates the adoption of EDI and opens new job opportunities for those who became EDI Academy Certified Professionals.  👉 15 years on the market 👉 10 000+ attendees 👉 12 training classes  👉 EDI Read More →

EDI certification online

Become a Certified EDI Academy Professional Boost your productivity and step on the next career level. EDI Academy certification CEDIAP® is designed for professionals from various industries including Health Care, retail, supply chain, banking, insurance, logistics, etc.  The benefits of CEDIAP®: You will become a certified professional in the EDI field; You will have the knowledge Read More →

X12 standard

How is the X12 standard applicable in the healthcare industry? The X12 standard, also known as ASC X12, is a widely used electronic data interchange (EDI) standard in the healthcare industry. It is developed and maintained by the Accredited Standards Committee X12, which is responsible for establishing and maintaining standards for various industries, including healthcare. In Read More →