EDI data

EDI Academy is launching a new product: The Ultimate EDI Sample Databank An EDI database repository that contains hundreds of claims and other EDI transactions with SNIP-LEVEL edits. It’s $150 per year per user, and you will get continuous updates. It is accessible via the EDI Academy EDI Viewer. Our current repository is an enormous Read More →

Reporting in EDI

Analyzing data from EDI transactions and documents The goal of EDI analytics is to extract insights from this data that can be used to improve business performance. EDI analytics can be used to track a variety of metrics, including: Transaction volume Order fulfillment accuracy Inventory levels Customer satisfaction Supplier performance Market trends By tracking these metrics, Read More →

GS1 guideline

Using the global GS1 guideline to create local guidelines The global guideline was developed by the GS1 community of users and GS1 MOs to define best practices associated with the GS1 EDI standard in the global healthcare supply chain. Consequently, the guideline only contains processes and data that are commonly applicable across multiple countries and regions. GS1 EDI standards contain more information Read More →

EDI training

Partner implementation of GS1 standards To drive the implementation of GS1 standards for EDI in healthcare, partnerships should be created between the industry representatives implementing GS1 standards and the local GS1 MO. Companies implementing EDI may also request that their trading partners develop EDI capabilities. According to GS1, creating a partnership and building trust with companies will take time. To create Read More →