Data privacy and security

Data privacy and security in Healthcare Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions Compliance with regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is essential while working with EDI. Let’s delve into the significance of data privacy and security in EDI transactions in healthcare, including HIPAA’s Privacy and Security Rules and best practices for protecting patient Read More →

EDI Features

Essential EDI Features EDI transactions are essential to B2B processes and continue to be the preferred means to exchange documents and transactions between businesses both small and large. There are five key business benefits that EDI technology delivers through automation and B2B integration: EDI technology saves time and money through automation of a process previously manually Read More →

GS1 HIPAA training

Recommendations for implementation of the GS1 rules and standards in healthcare industry. Step-by-step guide Before engaging in any implementation of GS1 standards in healthcare, GS1 MOs and healthcare industry stakeholders should consider what opportunities exist for their organisation to better serve existing users or trading partners as well as how to expand the use of GS1 standards in this sector. Read More →

EDI training

Developing Innovation With Electronic Data Communication Across Industries Electronic Data Interchange has revolutionized how industries operate, enabling seamless exchange of information and fostering efficiency in various business processes. However, the true power of EDI lies in its ability to inspire innovation. EDI provides real-time collaboration capabilities, allowing teams to communicate and share data instantaneously. This enhanced connectivity Read More →