EDI Standards Used by HUD EDI standards are agreements between users of EDI on how data is to be formatted and communicated. Standards are key to both the effectiveness and integrity of EDI. These standards are embodied in the electronic format of business documents known as transaction sets. The standards used by HUD are the Read More →

HUD Electronic Data Interchange General Procedures HUD Electronic Data Interchange is the inter-organizational exchange of business documents in a pre-defined structured format, accomplished by the computer-to-computer exchange of standard formatted business transactions between one or more business partners, known as trading partners. EDI permits trading partners to generate, receive, and process data with little or no human Read More →

Orchard Supply 856 EDI Transaction (Hierarchical Structure Examples) Orchard Supply 856 EDI Transaction must be identified uniquely in the beginning segment; duplicates will be rejected. Per the VICS Guidelines, the scope of the Orchard Supply 856 EDI Transaction shall not exceed the contents of the associated bill of lading. That is, there can be more than one ship notice Read More →

852 Product Activity Data (Orchard Brands EDI Transaction) 852 Product Activity Data enables a trading partner to plan and ship, or propose inventory replenishment quantities, for distribution centers, warehouses or retail outlets. The receiver of the 852 Product Activity Data  transaction set will maintain some type of inventory/product movement records for its trading partners to Read More →

Certification Test Program (Test Case Activities For CMS A/B MACs, CEDI and other contractors) Certification Test Program requires CMS trading partners to perform certification testing using the CTP and produce reports based on the test results. A test case describes each task that will insure ASC X12 data elements, qualifiers, and data values conform to the TR3 and the Read More →

270/271 HIPAA Transaction Validation (Pre-Query and Post-Query) (Washington State Health Care Authority) 270/271 HIPAA Transaction validation (Washington State Medicaid’s 270/271 transaction) will perform a pre-query validation to make sure the required Subscribe data elements are preset prior to routing the information to Eligibility and Benefit system. For Subscriber request below data elements can be submitted: Read More →

Medicare FFS Contractors (A/B MAC, DME MAC, CEDI) Medicare FFS Contractors A/B MACs, DME MACs, CEDI or other contractors if designated by CMS are responsible to support the exchange of CMS approved electronic transactions. This support includes testing, certifying, and retention of an audit trail for the electronic data interchange platforms. Medicare FFS Contractors if Read More →

HIPAA Transaction Standards as Designated by CMS HIPAA transaction standards shall be supported by the A/B MACs, DME MACs, CEDI or other contractors if designated by CMS for the electronic data with Medicare providers/submitters/receivers/COB trading partners. ASC X12 Technical Report 3s (TR3s) for mandated HIPAA transactions may be purchased from Washington Publishing Company. The HIPAA-standard Read More →