Ameritech EDI Guides

Ameritech EDI Guides: Gateway, Billing Transmission, Enveloping and Transactions Ameritech EDI Gateway is an electronic bridge between companies, networks and third party providers. It is a full function store and forward mailbox with interconnections to major networks. Ameritech provides trading partners a mailbox and free access to the Gateway for sending and receiving EDI Billing Products. If a trading partner wishes Read More →

EDI Billing Processing

EDI Billing Processing (Ameritech EDI Process Overview) EDI Billing (bill payment) is executed when a trading partner electronically authorizes their bank to debit funds from their account by a specified amount, and authorizes Ameritech’s bank to credit Ameritech’s account by that same amount. There are three methods for performing this that employ EDI 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice transactions. Read More →

EDI Billing Products

EDI Billing Products (Ameritech): EDI Detail Bill and EDI Bill Payment EDI Billing Products by Ameritech include EDI Summary Bill, EDI Detail Bill and EDI Bill Payment. We discussed EDI Summary Bill in our previous post. Below – brief description of EDI Detail Bill and EDI Bill Payment. EDI Detail Bill The EDI Detail Bill is sent to Ameritech EDI trading Read More →

Ameritech EDI Billing

Ameritech EDI Billing Products: EDI Summary Bill Ameritech EDI Billing Products involve the EDI Summary Bill, the EDI Detail Bill and the EDI Bill Payment. EDI Summary Bill is briefly described below: EDI Summary Bill The EDI Summary Bill is sent to Ameritech EDI trading partners using the ANSI X12 811 Transaction Set. The objective of the Read More →

Ameritech EDI Program

Ameritech EDI Overview: Translators,  Communication Links, Application Interface The estimated time to implement the Ameritech EDI Program is approximately 3 to 6 months depending on a company’s level of experience. The main components are: Standards, Translators, Communication Links, Application Interface. EDI Translators EDI Translators are commercial software packages that make the transmission of EDI data more efficient. Read More →

Ameritech EDI Program

Ameritech EDI Program: Standards Electronic Data Interchange is often described as the computer to computer exchange of business documents in a standardized format. The EDI world has evolved significantly over the past 5 years with the introduction of many new products and services to make the implementation process easier and more successful. All of these Read More →

EDI Technical Guidelines

EDI Technical Guidelines – Implementation With Parker Hannfin Vendors Over 50 Parker divisions use the EDI Gateway to manage hundreds of trading partnerships. Translation of ANSI X.12 formatted data by Parker Hannifin into and out of user-defined records is done by using Sterling Software Company’s Gentran EDI translation software. The version used at Parker was Read More →

Vendor EDI Communication

Vendor EDI Communication (Parker Hannfin Vendor Guides) Vendor EDI communication requires the use of a third-party network (VAN) service to provide store-and forward capability and compliance checking. Parker uses a dial out capability only. Trading partners do not have the ability to dial into Parker’s mainframe computer. A listing of Value Added Networks will be provided upon Read More →

Parker Hannifin EDI Program

Parker Hannifin EDI Program Story Parker Hannifin EDI program has been proven to be more efficient and less costly for both customers and suppliers to exchange such data electronically. Other industries followed, and today EDI has widespread application and is a key part of worldwide electronic commerce. As of 1995, Parker Hannifin has developed EDI trading Read More →

The Parker Hannifin EDI

The Parker Hannifin EDI Guidelines And Business Opportunities The Parker Hannifin EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) eliminate unnecessary paperwork by exchanging information directly between computers and between applications instead of by telephone, facsimile, or mail. Previously, corporations used different computers and systems, and the data communicated among these computers had to be manually reformatted. Today, EDI Read More →