Williams EDI Route Vendor Requirements Williams EDI and Flat File format is changing as a result of the route option. To ensure EDI works, this will require customer testing. Williams strongly recommends that all EDI Shippers and Flat File users participate in testing. Major risk of not testing can cause EDI nominations to NOT validate successfully at Read More →

810 EDI Invoice Recommendations For 3M Suppliers 810 EDI Invoice recommendations provide basic description and some data segments technical lay-out comments for creating 3M 810 EDI Invoice (EDI ASC X12 transaction set 810). 3M can accept many valid ASC X12 data segments and elements in 810 EDI Invoice, however, we mention only those that are most commonly used. The ASC X12 version of Read More →

3M 820 Payment/Remittance Advice Specification Comments 3M 820 Payment/Remittance Advice comments given below provide recommendations for use when creating 3M 820 Payment/Remittance Advice (ASC X12 transaction set 820 for 3M). 3M can send many valid ACS X12 data segments and elements in 3M 820 Payment/Remittance Advice; however, these guidelines refer to some of the most commonly sent. 3M 820 Payment/Remittance Advice ASC X12 version is 004010. Read More →

3M EDI Invoice Specification Guidelines 3M EDI Invoice notes provide separate comments of the data segments sent in 3M’s EDI invoices (ASC X12 transaction set 810). 3M can send many valid ACS X12 data segments and elements in 3M EDI Invoice; however, these guidelines refer to some of the most commonly sent. 3M EDI Invoice ASC X12 version is 004010. If you cannot receive invoices in version Read More →

Greenlee EDI 850 Purchase Order Specification Notes Greenlee EDI 850 Purchase Order is one of the electronic documents used by Greenlee and its trading partners in the bounds of EDI program. Find some notes and descriptions for Greenlee EDI 850 Purchase Order transaction below. Greenlee EDI 850 Purchase Order Transaction Set Notes PO102 is required. The Read More →

EDI Messages Additional Parameters (BaanERP) EDI messages are represented by various purchasing documents such as purchase orders, purchase changes and purchase schedule releases (planning release, shipping release, sequenced shipping release) sent from one party to another. After completing the general setup BaanERP system steps (see previous posts for basic info), determine what individual EDI messages you want to exchange Read More →

VDA 4913 Delivery Notes (Daimler AG Central loading unit for deliveries via courier service) VDA 4913 Delivery via a courier service needs a central loading unit. In order to guarantee this with the dispatch of individual small load carrier (so far no regular pallet is sent), additionally a dummy pallet in the VDA 4913 delivery notes must emerge Read More →

VDA 4913 Message Structure And Components Recommendations (Daimler AG EDI Operation) VDA 4913 Message serves as a delivery note data using standard EDI and is used in order to improve the quality of data sent between trading partners. VDA 4913 Message Data records 711 Header record – Identifies the partners. Defines purpose of communication 712 Transport Read More →