VDA 4905 EDI (Daimler AG Trading Partner Recommendations) VDA 4905 EDI is to be provided for receiving call-offs in ODETTE format (Organisation for Data Exchange by Teletransmission in Europe -> European automotive associations grouping) in view of the increased emphasis on international supplier relationships and the increasing implementation of EDI messages. VDA 4905 EDI is used for Read More →

 HIPAA Dental COB Claim Mapping Exercise Example HIPAA Dental COB Claim example and exercise represent how to generate HIPAA Dental COB Claim file for processing by the destination payer. HIPAA Dental COB Claim Scenario Patient PUFFY DOG is seen a dentist DONALD D, DUCK in the office INFINITE ENDODONTICS. The payer of the HIPAA Dental COB Claim is Read More →

837 Dental Transaction Mapping Exercise Example 837 Dental Transaction Mapping exercise gives a scenario of working with a 837 Dental Transaction file to complete the claim and send it to processing. 837 Dental Transaction Mapping exercise will be useful for insurance companies, providers and HIPAA specialists. Scenario: Patient MINI DUCK dependent son of DONALD DUCK goes to the Read More →

852 Product Activity Data – Orchard Brands Mapping Guides 852 Product Activity Data transaction set can be used by a distributor, warehouse, or retailer to advise a trading partner of inventory, sales, and other product activity information. 852 Product Activity Data enables a trading partner to plan and ship, or propose inventory replenishment quantities, for Read More →

Orchard Brands 850 PO User Notes And Guides Orchard Brands 850 PO user mapping guidelines refer to 850 Purchase Order EDI transaction usage and mapping. BEG Segment Confirmation orders (BEG01 contains Confirmation orders (BEG01 contains code value code value 06) may be sent to confirm a phone order. REF Segment The internal vendor number that Read More →

Orchard Supply Hardware 820 Payment Order (Remittance Advice) Transaction Notes Orchard Supply Hardware 820 Payment Order (Remittance Advice) transaction set is used both as a Remittance Advice to communicate the details and amounts of invoices, credits and debits for goods and services and as a Payment Order to generate the electronic payment to your financial Read More →

Orchard Hardware Invoice (Domestic and International) Orchard Hardware Invoice allows for the customary business practice relative to the billing for goods and services. Orchard no longer processes paper invoices. Invoices must be submitted via and 810 to be processed for payment. Per retail industry guidelines, only one purchase order may be referenced per invoice transaction set. The Read More →

EDI Mapping Guides For WPS Health Solutions: Control Segments / Envelopes EDI Mapping Guides require that Interchange Control (ISA/IEA), Function Group (GS/GE), and Transaction (ST/SE) envelopes must be used as described in the national implementation guides. Medicare’s expectations for inbound ISAs and a description of data on outbound ISAs are detailed in this EDI Mapping Guides post. Read More →

  Town Shoes Vendor Portal Requirements Town Shoes Vendor Portal data exchange testing is done by vendor in a “self-service” environment using the SPICE Connect Compliance Portal for Town Shoes. Town Shoes Vendor Portal compliancy testing is web based. Catalogues have two master options for loading. These options are set on the web portal. Append – new items Read More →

270/271 Eligibility and Benefit Inquiry and Response Transaction Guidelines 270/271 Eligibility and Benefit Inquiry and Response guidelines describe recommendations for HMSA partners involved in electronic documents transmission. The main requirements include the following: If multiple payers or multiple HMSA contracts cover a patient, the 271 response will contain multiple EB segments (where EB01 = “R” Read More →