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For Special Orders, EDI vendors will submit one invoice per order, with no backorders being allowed by Lowe’s. Invoicing should be initiated on the day of shipment completion and not before. The negotiated cost must include freight charges. Freight bills for EDI Special Order merchandise tendered as collect will be debited against your account. All Electronic Catalog / Read More →

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The Kroger Co uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as an integral business strategy to increase Customer satisfaction. The following data interchange standards are currently in use: ANSI ASC X.12 including UCS, VICS, and Motor. The Kroger Co primarily uses value-added networks (VANS) and occasionally may elect to communicate directly to a partner through an agreed-upon Read More →

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Over the past couple of years, a significant number of Kroger vendors have been working with the retailer via EDI to improve the communications process of business information exchange. Maximizing use of Electronic Data Interchange is the key priority. Cooperative efforts have resulted in increased accuracy, improved timeliness, and reduced operating expenses. Kroger is expanding this initiative to all Read More →

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Von Maur EDI Shipping: Routing Guides for Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York Von Maur EDI Shipping Guidelines described in today’s blog post refer to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. To learn more about general routing EDI requirements for Von Maur vendors, please refer here. Von Maur EDI Shipping Guidelines – New Jersey – zip codes 070-079 & 085-089 and Read More →


Von Maur Routing Guides for EDI Mapping Von Maur Routing Guides (EDI mapping derectives) described below  regard to FOB Vendor Warehouse Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin. Von Maur Routing Guides and Requirements Economy must be written prominently on the BOL, in the Read More →


Payments to direct store delivery suppliers The following additional EDI guidelines pertain to DSD suppliers: Each EDI invoice must also contain the following information: Store number Store address Vendor number Suppliers delivering to multiple sub departments for the same vendor must invoice each sub department separately. Credits for returned product may not be included on Read More →


Publix has an outstanding financial reputation and is characterized in the industry as principled and fair in EDI payment practices. Publix has established the following guidelines to ensure efficient and accurate payments between Publix and its suppliers via EDI communication. General payment guidelines Publix adheres to the following guidelines related to supplier payments. The guidelines below pertain Read More →