GS1-128 Label

GS1-128 Label and UPC Requirements (Indigo) A GS1-128 Barcode label must be applied to each carton and/or pallet shipped (based on shipping method); linking the individual carton/pallet to the associated ASN Item/Qty detail. Failure to meet Indigo’s GS1-128 Label guideline requirements will cause your shipment to be quarantined within Indigo’s Distribution Centres. A cost recovery Read More →

Indigo EDI Basics

Indigo Books & Music Inc. Vendor EDI Guides Indigo expects that all vendors will transact via EDI from the initial onset of the commercial relationship. There are significant productivity and process visibility gains that are realized through the use of EDI. Exemptions to this requirement may be provided by your buyer based on the following criteria: Read More →


Barcoding Benefits (Do It Best. Corp) Manufacturers and wholesale operations can also benefit from barcoding. The barcoding of shipping containers (SCC or Shipping Container Code) is gaining popularity in the Hardlines industry. Suppliers are finding ways to expedite receiving and other distribution functions through the use of scanning. Shipping containers may be barcoded so that Read More →


Do it Best Corp. Barcode Mission Through the use of barcodes, it is the Do it Best Corp. mission to gain efficiencies which will increase profitability and enhance the competitive edge of Do it Best Corp., Do it Best Corp. members, and vendors. To obtain this mission, Do it Best Corp. have set the following Read More →

Standard Carton Code

Do It Best SCC (Standard Carton Code) Guides SCC (Standard Carton Code) is representative in Interleaved 2 of 5 symbology. Each SCC code represents an item and its respective package size. They are found on master cartons, inner packs, pallets, etc. SCC codes are 14 digits in length and are grouped in 1, 2, 5, Read More →

Marking Standards

Do It Best Corp. Shipping and Marking Standards Do it Best Corp. requires two types of barcodes depending on the salability of the product and packaging being used. UPC Codes for the actual selling units. All selling units are required to be marked with the product code (GTIN) in a readable bar code. SCC Codes for Read More →


Do It Best Corp. GTIN EAN/UCC-8 (EAN-8) EAN-8 is the EAN equivalent of UPC-E in the sense that it provides a “short” barcode for small packages. As can be seen in the following graphic, an EAN-8 barcode is shorter than an EAN-13 barcode, although somewhat longer than an UPC-E barcode. The three barcodes above are Read More →

EDI training online

GTIN EAN/UCC-13 (EAN-13) (Do It Best Corp.) The International Article Numbering System (EAN) is based on the UPC-A standard. This standard was implemented mostly because the UPC-A standard was not well designed for international use. The EAN/UCC-13 may be configured with the first 12 digits containing the EAN.UCC Company Prefix and Item Reference Number. The Read More →

Barcode Guides

Do it Best Corp. Barcode Guides Do it Best Corp. will provide cross-reference reports to vendors to be used for verifying the accuracy of GTIN codes. In addition, Do it Best Corp. requires that all vendors perform quality checks on existing and proposed GTIN codes. These quality checks should be performed for each variation of GTIN Read More →