EDI Logistics

Do it Best Corp. EDI Logistics Shipping and Marking Standards (Part 2) TMS (Transportation Management System) represents electronic software that provides for the routing of shipments through shared business to business information optimizing transportation costs and mode of delivery to destination. Routing through TMS requires either EDI functionality, or for vendors without EDI functionality internet Read More →

Logistics Shipping Standards

Do it Best Corp. EDI Logistics Shipping and Marking Standards (Part 1) EDI is the primary functionality used by Do it Best Corp. for business to business purchase information exchange. Vendors are required to have EDI functionality either on premise or via a third party provider. EDI Mapping Requirements are provided to vendors via Do Read More →

International EDI Drop Shipment

Do it Best Corp. International Drop Shipment Orders As Do it Best Corp. continues to grow international business and add more international members and affiliates, it is extremely important that your company is aware of the special handling required on international drop ship orders. Any international drop ship purchase order from a Do it Best Read More →

EDI Drop Shipment

EDI Drop Shipment Orders At Do it Best Corp. Drop shipment orders (D/S) are orders placed by Do it Best Corp. member directly with the vendor. These orders may be called in to your customer service department, placed in person with your sales representative, or placed on a drop ship order form. Invoices for those orders Read More →

EDI Order Processing

Do It Best Corp. EDI Order Processing Do it Best Corp. requires that all purchase orders be processed via EDI. Please see the EDI Processing guidelines. All Retail Service Center orders will indicate a specific “Ship Date” and “Arrival Date”. The Ship Date is used for Collect orders and it specifies the date when the Read More →

EDI Documents

Do it Best EDI Transactions Processing Do it Best Corp. requires EDI processing of Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Acknowledgements, Invoices, Credit Memos, and Advance Shipment Notices. In previous post we gave a brief description of Do it Best EDI guidelines. Find below the requirements for the used EDI transactions. EDI Stocking Purchase Orders Electronic ordering improves the Read More →

EDI Transmits

EDI Transmits Tips (Lord & Taylor Vendor Transmissions) If vendor errors are identified during EDI Transmit, expense offset charges may be assessed. Vendors should note that if changing VANS from Lord & Taylor direct connect mailboxes at GXS and Inovis Inc., to any interconnect, all 852 Sales Data Reports will be turned off. Assign a Read More →

EDI webinar

Do it Best EDI Guidelines Conducting business in today’s economy is a continual challenge; reducing costs, increasing profits, staying competitive, and maximizing efficiencies are important business practices for Do it Best Corp. – as well as for its vendors. Electronic processing of business transactions is critical for both Do it Best Corp. and vendors submitting Read More →

GS1-128 Shipping Label

Nordstrom Label For EDI Shipments GS1-128 Shipping Label must be generated in accordance with GS1 (Global Standards) US, Nordstrom’s label requirements follow standard GS1/EAN SSCC-18 common label formats. Detailed information about the SSCC-18 data structure and associated GS1/EAN-128 symbol can be found online at www.gs1us.org. Expense offset fees are applied if the GS1-128 labels are Read More →

EDI Technical Information

GSA EDI Technical Information (Required EDI Transactions) Inbound EDI (Transactions sent to GSS Global Supply from Vendors) 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgement with three possible types of status: Accept, Backorder or Cancel 856: Advance Ship Notice/Manifest with one possible type of status: Ship 810: Invoice (Full and Partial Amounts) 997: Functional Acknowledgement Outbound EDI (Transactions sent Read More →