Gentex Standard Over-Pack Label

EDI Carton Label Requirements (Finish Line Vendor Shipments) EDI Carton Label Requirements cover solid order labels, inner pack label, pre-pack footwear label, pre-pack apparel label guides for Finish Line vendor shipments. Matching EDI Documents to create solid order labels The words “Style”, “Color Code”, “Size”, and “Quantity” are not required. Information may be left justified GS1-128 labels are required. If Read More →

EDI Onboarding Process

EDI Onboarding Process With GSA Global Supply EDI Onboarding process standardized steps must be followed by vendors to set up a connection to the EDI gateway. The EDI onboarding process starts immediately after a contract is awarded to the vendor. To initiate the onboarding process, GSS Global Supply will provide vendors with an EDI “survey” which is used Read More →

EDI mapping

KITS (Kingfisher) EDI Mapping Guides An EDI Purchase Order is sent from the buyer to the seller under agreed conditions. This blog post provides more mapping guidelines for the purchase orders generated by the buyers for their vendors. The segments are presented in the sequence in which they appear in the message. The segment or segment group tag Read More →

EDI Implementation Guidelines

EDI Implementation Guidelines for Retail EDI Communications Author: Paula Giovannetti, Supply Chain Best Practices Adviser For those of you not familiar with the Retail Value Chain Federation, it is a 22-year-old organization that brings retailers, suppliers and solution providers together to help them address their business priorities and become more collaborative trading partners. They do this Read More →