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Benefits of EDI in Retail Inventory Replenishment Retail inventory replenishment using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a process that enables retailers to efficiently manage their stock levels by electronically communicating with suppliers and distributors. This method streamlines the ordering, receiving, and restocking of products, ensuring that items are available for sale when needed while minimizing Read More →

EDI for retail

  EDI effective usage in the retail industry Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a common protocol for information sharing between a supplier and a retailer selling that supplier’s products. When the two parties exchange documents, EDI automates the translation of the data into a standardized format. Here is a typical example of how EDI can be used Read More →

EDI Process

EDI Process At Myer (Strategic Operational Principles) EDI Process encompasses the following strategic principles: it is crucial that the efficiency of day-to-day Supply Chain operations are maximised through EDI. Myer will operate Strategic Partnerships with its suppliers based on a set of high-level principles: Myer will buy on behalf of the customers, not sell on behalf of its suppliers Read More →


How EDI Works: Discovering The Advantages How EDI Works? This is a popular question usually asked by business owners, company managers, operational staff at EDI Academy trainings. Although EDI is quite widespread technology, there still remain some points to be discussed. Those who are not connected to electronic data interchange not always understand the difference Read More →