Indigo Books and Music EDI Bill Of Landing Indigo expects all vendor shipments to be accompanied by an accurate Bill of Lading whose details exactly match what has been routed for shipment. The Bill of Lading must include at a minimum: The full name and address of Shipper o Name of Carrier Consignee: Indigo Books & Read More →

Indigo EDI Invoice

Indigo EDI Invoices Requirements All invoices are received via the 810 EDI document. Indigo will not process any invoices sent via mail by EDI vendors. All paper (inclusive fax) invoices will be discarded; therefore no payment will be issued. Non-EDI vendors are the only exception; these vendors may send paper invoices, or preferably, a PDF Read More →

EDI training

Indigo EDI Advance Ship Notice The ASN is an electronic document (EDI 856) that is used to describe the actual contents of a shipment. It is critical to ensure vendor ASN is loaded into Indigo Warehouse Management System prior to vendor shipment arriving at the DCs or Store locations. In order to ensure your ASN matches your Read More →

PO acknowledgement

Indigo Books And Music Inc. Purchase Order Change At this time, Indigo’s Purchase Order Change document is only able to support the following changes: Change in unit cost Change in unit quantity Cancellation of an entire line item. Improvements are being made to enhance the Purchase Order Change functionality to support Indigo General Merchandise business. Read More →

EDI training

Indigo EDI Purchase Order Acknowledgement EDI Purchase Order Acknowledgement (EDI 855) is an electronic document that is used to confirm the terms and details of the Purchase Order. Indigo requires the POA to be loaded into the company’s Warehouse Management System 72 hours after you receive the Purchase Order. If vendor POA is rejected due to an error, Read More →

GS1-128 Label

GS1-128 Label and UPC Requirements (Indigo) A GS1-128 Barcode label must be applied to each carton and/or pallet shipped (based on shipping method); linking the individual carton/pallet to the associated ASN Item/Qty detail. Failure to meet Indigo’s GS1-128 Label guideline requirements will cause your shipment to be quarantined within Indigo’s Distribution Centres. A cost recovery Read More →

Indigo EDI Basics

Indigo Books & Music Inc. Vendor EDI Guides Indigo expects that all vendors will transact via EDI from the initial onset of the commercial relationship. There are significant productivity and process visibility gains that are realized through the use of EDI. Exemptions to this requirement may be provided by your buyer based on the following criteria: Read More →

Marking Standards

Do It Best Corp. Shipping and Marking Standards Do it Best Corp. requires two types of barcodes depending on the salability of the product and packaging being used. UPC Codes for the actual selling units. All selling units are required to be marked with the product code (GTIN) in a readable bar code. SCC Codes for Read More →

EDI supply chain

GLN Implementation Steps (Part 1) There are 10 necessary steps that guide parties involved in the supply chain to implement the Global Location Number (GLN). Establish Executive support Decide that your company is going to implement GLNs, and if necessary, establish executive support and approval to proceed with GLN implementation. Form a GLN team Establish clear Read More →