EDI training

GLNs In Supply Chain Operations The healthcare supply chain can be highly complex, particularly with products being able to follow multiple routes between the manufacturer or clinical trial sponsor and a hospital or other healthcare facilities, e.g. clinical trial site. Products can be delivered directly to an operating theatre or pharmacy by a supplier or Read More →

Barcode Requirements

Do it Best Corp. Barcode Requirements Checklist Do it Best Corp. requires that all vendors provide: products which contain GTIN codes on the retail packaging, accurate GTIN code numbers corresponding to retail packaging, and shipping container codes (SCCs) on ship cartons. This policy will be upheld for all Do it Best Corp. products regardless of Read More →

EDI Barcoding

Barcoding Operational Advantages (Do It Best Corp.) Manufacturers and wholesale operations can also benefit from barcoding. The barcoding of shipping containers (SCC or Shipping Container Code) is gaining popularity in the Hardlines industry. Suppliers are finding ways to expedite receiving and other distribution functions through the use of scanning. Shipping containers may be barcoded so that Read More →

Barcode Guidelines

Do it Best Corp. Barcode Guidelines Through the use of barcodes, it is the Do it Best Corp. mission to gain efficiencies which will increase profitability and enhance the competitive edge of Do it Best Corp., Do it Best Corp. members, and vendors. Benefits of Barcoding The success of barcoding can be attributed to a Read More →

EDI Vendor Audit

EDI Vendor Audit Program At Hibbett Hibbett uses automation and technology to rapidly move merchandise faster through the pipeline, receives merchandise using the ASN (856) and pays vendors with EDI invoices (810). Therefore, vendors must make every effort to ensure that shipments are 100% accurate. Vendor Audit Program randomly checks shipments received at the Logistics Read More →

Ticketing EDI Requirements

Ticketing EDI Requirements At Hibbett All merchandise shipped to Hibbett must include the UPC and Hibbett retail provided by EDI PO (850) transmission. The barcode must be visible and easily accessible for scanning. Do not place UPC tickets inside waistbands, inside packaging, etc. Each item must contain only one bar code; human readable UPC and Read More →

EDI Prepack Requirement

EDI Prepack Requirements (Hibbett Musical Size Runs) All orders to be shipped to Hibbett as musical size run prepacks must first be approved by the Buyer. Each carton must contain the same items & same quantities. EDI prepack orders require additional testing and EDI certification. Prepack PO’s are transmitted with SLN segments. All prepack cartons Read More →

Auto Replenishment

Auto Replenishment Requirements Hibbett’s Auto Replenishment (AR) requirements for replenished merchandise are intended to decrease the time it takes for merchandise to reach the stores, maximizing sales for Hibbett and the trading partner, and improving customer satisfaction. To be considered for Hibbett’s AR program, a vendor must: Mark 100% of merchandise with UPC and the Read More →

Purchase Order Verification

EDI Purchase Order Verification For Hibbett Vendors A vendor must receive a valid purchase order at Hibbett’s discretion, or Hibbett purchase spreadsheet from the Buyer. Hibbett has the ability to send EDI purchase orders (850). Hibbett’s purchase order terms and conditions apply to all purchases. Verify the accuracy of all purchase order details including ship Read More →

EDI UPC Assignment

EDI UPC Assignment And Catalog Requirements Hibbett EDI vendors should follow EDI program guides including UPC Assignment And Catalog Requirements. Assign UPC numbers at the product ID / color / size level for all Hibbett product. Once UPCs have been assigned, no modifications will be accepted. Any item modifications will result in the need for Read More →