EDI 856 Example

EDI 856 Example: Multiple Orders, Standard Carton Pack Structure The following example depicts two supplier orders which are being shipped to the buyer’s distribution center. The supplier has split the original PO into individual store orders; each order is packaged for a different store. Therefore, both orders reference the same PO number. The various SKUs and their pack Read More →


The scope and timing considerations of the ship notice transaction Within the retail industry, the scope of the ship notice cannot exceed the contents of the associated Bill of Lading for a buyer’s ship to location. There can be more than one ship notice referencing the same Bill of Lading, but one ship notice cannot reference more than Read More →

EDI Messages

EDI Messages: Product, Artwork Content, Application, Cash Today we’ll tell you about some specific EDI messages. They are not so popular as Purchase order or Invoice, however, some of them are of a high importance for definite vendors. The rules are regulated by GS1 organization. Product Recall Notification The Product Recall Notification message notifies involved Read More →

EDI webinars

EDI Multi-Order Processing An Advanced Ship Notice may represent many EDI orders. Multi-order ship notices are acceptable on the same Bill of Lading. The sender should choose whichever method is best for the sender – a single supplier order or many orders. The buyer should be prepared to receive both types. Multi-Order Processing With the multi-order processing Read More →