EDI Training

EDI Logistics: Mostly Used Transactions EDI for logistics and transportation brings a big advantage of automated processing of high volumes of business documents that is time-consuming and almost errorless. Staff can now focus on more important strategic tasks rather than on routine operations. In general, this all makes the customer service more productive and business more profitable. Read More →

EDI Invoice Accuracy

EDI Invoice Accuracy Guidelines (Indigo) Indigo expects EDI vendors to send a valid and accurate Invoice (EDI 810 for EDI vendors) whose details match the respective Purchase Order details for the exact item(s) and quantity(s) that have been shipped. Non-EDI vendors are expected to include the following Purchase Order details on their paper invoices. The Read More →

856 ASN Standards

SRI (Gordmans) 856 ASN Standards GXS is SRI’s only Value Added Network  for all inbound and outbound files. The following information is required: Your name and address SRI Purchase Order Number The number of cartons in your shipment by Purchase Order and shipment total Total weight of the shipment The freight Carrier The exact quantity in Read More →

Gordmans EDI 850

Gordmans EDI 850 Purchase Order Standards By implementing EDI standards and technologies, Gordmans can expedite the movement of merchandise through the supply chain insuring a smooth flow from trading partners to the selling floor, better management of inventories, increased sales and enhanced customer service. Find below EDI 850 Purchase Order guides. All vendors must respond to the 850 Read More →

EDI 810 Invoice

EDI 810 Invoice Standards At Gordmans EDI 810 Invoice must be sent within 24 hours of shipment pickup from vendor’s warehouse. Gordmans require the following information on the EDI 810 Invoice: Your name and address Your invoice number Gordmans Purchase Order Number Total weight of the shipment The freight Carrier The exact quantity in units by style, Read More →

EDI Transmits

EDI Transmits Tips (Lord & Taylor Vendor Transmissions) If vendor errors are identified during EDI Transmit, expense offset charges may be assessed. Vendors should note that if changing VANS from Lord & Taylor direct connect mailboxes at GXS and Inovis Inc., to any interconnect, all 852 Sales Data Reports will be turned off. Assign a Read More →

EDI Order-to-Cash Transactions

EDI Order-to-Cash Transactions in U.S. Healthcare Using GTINs and GLNs in EDI business messaging instead of proprietary identifiers can help improve transaction accuracy and efficiency, and more fully support traceability from the manufacturer to the patient / end user. GS1 guidelines describe key aspects of Order-to-Cash transactions in U.S. healthcare. 850 Purchase Order Used by the Read More →

EDI Technical Information

GSA EDI Technical Information (Required EDI Transactions) Inbound EDI (Transactions sent to GSS Global Supply from Vendors) 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgement with three possible types of status: Accept, Backorder or Cancel 856: Advance Ship Notice/Manifest with one possible type of status: Ship 810: Invoice (Full and Partial Amounts) 997: Functional Acknowledgement Outbound EDI (Transactions sent Read More →

Rite Aid EDI Functional Acknowledgement

Rite Aid EDI Functional Acknowledgement Policy Upon receipt of any EDI transaction, the receiving partner shall promptly and properly transmit a Functional Acknowledgement (ANSI ASC X12 997). Rite Aid expects trading partners pick up from their electronic mailboxes daily (7 days a week). Rite Aid expects to receive a Functional Acknowledgement (ASCI ASC X12) within Read More →


Warehousing EDI Messages: Inbound & Outbound In companies where a huge number of transactions is being processed daily, integration of EDI with warehouse business system is quite relevant. This will help to accelerate the work at the warehouse. Find the definitions of Inbound & Outbound Warehousing EDI Messages below. Warehousing Inbound Instruction Message that supports the warehouse inbound Read More →