GS1 Scan4Transport

GS1 Scan4Transport: a new application standard GS1 has developed and piloted an addition to the GS1 Logistic Label.  A two-dimensional barcode (QR or Data Matrix), placed in the upper right-hand corner of the label can carry critical information for all parties along the supply chain, especially transportation carriers. The information can be available with or without Read More →

EDI webinars

Business Error Notifications – RVCF Supply Chain Guidelines An EDI transaction can successfully pass through an EDI translator, receive an “Accepted” FA, and still fail in the receiver’s application if there are fatal errors in the data itself. For example, the GTIN was provided in the ASN, but it doesn’t match the GTIN in the Read More →

EDI supply chain

RVCF Guidelines: Technical Error Notification The EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement (FA) communicates technical errors in EDI syntax, but not those identified when the data is processed by the receiver’s business application. In discussion with RVCF members, it finds that in retail, FA’s are fairly well understood, commonly used and successful. EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgements are mandatory Read More →

EDI retail

RVCF Retail Survey Summary: ASN Error Notifications Error notifications can either be “push” or “pull”. Push notifications include EDI transactions and email notifications sent from the retailer to the supplier. Pull notifications include data that can be found on the retailer’s portal such as scorecards. Vendor scorecard information can include non-compliance information related to ASN Read More →