EDI webinars

EDI Multi-Order Processing An Advanced Ship Notice may represent many EDI orders. Multi-order ship notices are acceptable on the same Bill of Lading. The sender should choose whichever method is best for the sender – a single supplier order or many orders. The buyer should be prepared to receive both types. Multi-Order Processing With the multi-order processing Read More →

Burlington EDI

Burlington EDI General Carton Packing and Size Requirements Vendors, working with merchandise, should make sure each carton contains merchandise for only one purchase order (9 digit PO). Coordinated tops and bottoms being sold separately must be packed in separate cartons. The tops and bottoms will be identified on the PO. Tops and bottoms being sold Read More →

EDI Vendor Compliance

EDI Vendor Compliance In Logistics (by Richard Grennon and Todd Naramore, WEBER Logistics) If you have retail customers, you are likely familiar with EDI. From shipping notices and order updates to purchase orders and invoices, EDI remains a workhorse of modern supply chain transactions – including those in eCommerce. We take a closer look at EDI Read More →