Managing Logistics

Tips for managing logistics in a middle-sized company Managing logistics for a middle-sized company can be challenging, but there are some key strategies that can help you streamline operations and improve efficiency: Plan ahead: Effective logistics management starts with careful planning. Develop a comprehensive logistics plan that takes into account your business goals, customer needs, Read More →

matching edi data

Matching EDI Data:¬†BOE Data with IGM Data (SEZ Online System) Upon completion of assessment process by SEZ Authorised Officer, SEZ Online System will attempt to validate BOE data (as per BOE filed by SEZ Unit) with IGM data (as provided by EDI). In case, EDI has provided the IGM and the IGM Data matches with Read More →

EDI for Import

EDI for¬†Import and Export consignments (Example of joint initiative of Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Ministry of Finance and also National Securities Depository Limited, India) Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI) and Ministry of Finance, have taken joint initiative to exchange important information between SEZ Online System (Ministry of Commerce) and EDI System of Read More →

Transport Instruction EDI

Transport Instruction EDI Message – GS1 Standard Guidelines The main objective of the Transport Instruction is to communicate the arrangements (through the agreed conditions) of the movement of the goods (including collection and delivery) between all parties involved and providing the information necessary to perform the handling of the goods. The Transport Instruction will be Read More →