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EDI Multi-Order Processing An Advanced Ship Notice may represent many EDI orders. Multi-order ship notices are acceptable on the same Bill of Lading. The sender should choose whichever method is best for the sender – a single supplier order or many orders. The buyer should be prepared to receive both types. Multi-Order Processing With the multi-order processing Read More →


Do It Best Corp. GTIN EAN/UCC-8 (EAN-8) EAN-8 is the EAN equivalent of UPC-E in the sense that it provides a “short” barcode for small packages. As can be seen in the following graphic, an EAN-8 barcode is shorter than an EAN-13 barcode, although somewhat longer than an UPC-E barcode. The three barcodes above are Read More →


How EDI Works: Discovering The Advantages How EDI Works? This is a popular question usually asked by business owners, company managers, operational staff at EDI Academy trainings. Although EDI is quite widespread technology, there still remain some points to be discussed. Those who are not connected to electronic data interchange not always understand the difference Read More →

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How to streamline your warehouse operations with EDI Integrating electronic data interchange (EDI) into a warehouse management system (WMS) can help to streamline supply chain processes and improve efficiency. Let’s look at the general steps for integrating EDI into a WMS. Identify the EDI requirements First, you need to identify the specific EDI requirements of your trading partners. Read More →