Warehousing EDI Messages: Inbound & Outbound In companies where a huge number of transactions is being processed daily, integration of EDI with warehouse business system is quite relevant. This will help to accelerate the work at the warehouse. Find the definitions of Inbound & Outbound Warehousing EDI Messages below. Warehousing Inbound Instruction Message that supports the warehouse inbound Read More →

Nexteer Barcode

Nexteer Barcode information The following characters are used in the 2D barcode. They help determine the beginning and ending of data streams and data fields. Each 2D label must start with the Message and Format Header: [)>R S06 Each field must start with the group separator before the data identifier: G SP12345678 Each 2D label Read More →

Nexteer Barcode

Nexteer Barcode Information And Symbology For the 6.0 inch wide by 4.0 inch high label and in accordance with the current Global Supplier Shipping Label Specs, the barcode symbology used SHALL be Code 39 and Code 128. Because the Nexteer Automotive part number could reach a maximum length of 14 characters and the physical space Read More →

Packing Label

Packing Label Guides (Nexteer Automotive) Additional label type may be required for Mixed loaded material. These are described below: Mixed Load label format can be used for identification of materials of differing part numbers loaded within the confines of the same container or pallet. These can be of the same or differing quantities. On smaller Read More →

Packaging Guides

Packaging Guides: outer packages and inner packages There are two types of packaging – outer packages and inner packages. Inner packaging will utilize container labels while outer packages will utilize master labels. An outer package is any container that contains multiple packages of single materials. Inner packages are the smallest shippable packaged units of a material. Read More →

EDI shipping

Nexteer Types of Labels and Packaging Nexteer Automotive requires three types of labels depending on how material is packaged for shipment as described below: The Container Label (Global Supplier Label) SHALL be used to identify a single pack containing the same part number. It is the most commonly used shipping/parts identification label. A Master Label Read More →

shipping label

Nexteer Shipping Label: Size and Material A label used to identify the contents of the container. Master Label is a label used to identify and summarize the total contents of a multiple pack of a single part number within the same container (i.e. pallet of boxes of same material number.) Mixed Load Label is a label used Read More →

EDI Case Study

EDI Case Study: increasing accuracy and making labor reductions using EDI and GS1 standards EDI Case Study shows how keeping a vast logistics network on the same page takes seamless coordination and timely, accurate information. With GS1 standards and EDI implementation Land O’Lakes, Inc. reached higher efficiency in warehousing. Challenge A global agricultural co-operative, Land O’Lakes, Read More →

862 EDI

EDI 862 Shipping Schedule Basic Data Contents  The Shipping Schedule Transaction Set will supersede certain shipping and delivery information transmitted in a previous Planning Schedule Transaction, but it does not replace the 830 transaction set. The Shipping Schedule Transaction Set  (862) shall not be used to authorize labor, materials, or other resources. The use of this transaction set will facilitate the Read More →

EDI Shipping

The Home Depot EDI Shipping Documents, Labelling And Packing Guidelines The Home Depot leverages EDI in order to quickly and accurately exchange transactional data with Suppliers. Home Depot Pro’ EDI program supports the following transactions: 810: Invoice 850: Purchase Order 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgment 856: Advance Ship Notice Labeling and Identification Package Identification/Labels: Master Carton and Read More →