Carton Label

Carton Label Requirements (Hibbett EDI Compliant Vendors) Carton Label Requirements described below refer to Hibbett EDI compliant business partners. Carton Label Requirements cover GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) label specifications. The 20-digit carton ID printed on the GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128) label must be included in the MAN segment of the ASN (856), Each carton must have a unique carton ID number. An Read More →

Special EDI shipping guidelines

Special EDI Shipping Guidelines And Routing Instructions Special EDI shipping guidelines for Century 21 vendors provided in the blog cover the following issues: Shipments from California, Delivery to wrong locations, Delivery refusals, Small carrier shipments, General shipping notes. Special EDI shipping guidelines – Shipments from California Non-prepaid shipments from CA ZIP codes 90001 – 94999 should be Read More →

EDI Shipping Guidelines

EDI Shipping Guidelines And Routing Instructions EDI shipping guidelines for Century 21 vendors provided in the blog cover the following issues: Shipping and Routing, Bill of Landing, Direct To Store Shipments, Delivery Appointments. The Bill of Lading must contain the following information: All purchase orders for the shipment Total carton count for shipment Total carton count Read More →

Century 21 EDI Carton Labeling

Century 21 EDI Carton Labeling (Identification) Requirements Century 21 EDI carton labeling guidelines dscribed below in the blog are provided for EDI compliant vendors. For information about ticketing and packing requirements for Century 21 merchandise please refer here. Every carton must have a purchase order on the carton. Each carton must be labeled with a 4” x Read More →

Shipping Label

SHIPPING LABEL REQUIREMENTS (GS1‐128 SERIAL SHIPPING CONTAINER LABEL (aka; EAN/UCC 128, SSCC, LPN)) Shipping Label contains information relevant to a specific shipment. Burlington Stores has adopted the most current standards of the GS1‐128 label format to form the basis for their Shipping Label standards. Shipping Label Basic Requirements: All cartons shipped to Burlington Stores Distribution Centers and/or Read More →

Supply Chain Management EDI

  Supply Chain Management EDI Basics Supply Chain Management EDI help businesses to spend less money being tied to inventory. It gives the possibility to control and manage the supplies throughout the manufacturing process, from one organization to the next, more quickly and effectively. Monitoring and controlling the supply chain is the main task of any Supply Chain Management EDI Read More →

EDI supply chain

EDI Supply Chain Most Frequently Used Electronic Documents EDI Supply Chain specialists involved in retail, purchasing, sales, warehousing or logistics inevitably come across EDI Supply Chain Transactions – standard format for exchanging business data electronically. EDI documents were created in order to exchange business data independently using modern software technologies. This process of data exchange Read More →

Third Party Logistics ED

Third Party Logistics EDI Documents Used In Electronic Business Relationships Third Party Logistics EDI Documents, as well as EDI documents used in other industries, were separated by ANSI X12 according market verticals for use in that specific industry or vertical. For the Warehousing and Third Party Logistics EDI, the 900 series of documents is the most common transaction Read More →

EDI Implementation

EDI Implementation: Developing Strategic EDI Solution EDI Implementation is a complex process and consists of several stages that should be considered thoroughly. An important step for EDI deployment is choosing the best strategy of EDI implementation. A proper EDI business solution combines all issues considered – both technical and business, and is usually developed according Read More →


EDI Business Solutions For Modern Industrial Effectiveness EDI Business Solutions are used in many industries and branches where parties need to exchange data – retail, insurance, healthcare, transport and logistics etc. Big retailers such as Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Target, Walgreen’s, Harrods and others apply EDI Business Solutions for electronic documents exchange with their trading Read More →