Century 21 EDI Carton Labeling (Identification) Requirements

Century 21 EDI carton labeling guidelines dscribed below in the blog are provided for EDI compliant vendors. For information about ticketing and packing requirements for Century 21 merchandise please refer here.

Every carton must have a purchase order on the carton.

  • Each carton must be labeled with a 4” x 6” label on the end with the following information:
    • (Zone A) Ship From
    • (Zone B) Ship To
    • (Zone C) Ship to Postal Code
    • (Zone D) Carrier Information [Carrier Name, Pro#, B/L#]
    • (Zone E)
      • Purchase Order Number
      • Department Number
      • Division Name
      • 1 of XX Carton
      • Carton QTY Count
      • Style, Color, Size
    • (Zone G): MIXED CARTON (Only if carton content is not the same sku)
    • (Zone H) Mark For Number
    • (Zone I) Bar Code.

Century 21 EDI Carton Labeling

Century 21 EDI Carton Labeling Placement guidelines

  1. Each carton is required to have one GS1-128 label.
  2. Labels must be placed on the longest side of the carton. For cartons with equal width and length dimensions, the longest side of the carton is considered to be the panel which runs parallel to the top flap seam of the carton.
  3. Place carton in an upright position. Barcode must be read vertically. Do not place sideways or diagonally.
  4. The bar code on the carton label is recommended to be 3 inches from vertical edge of the carton.
  5. Do not place the barcode over a flap seam or around the corners of a carton.
  6. Do not place tape or packing materials over any bar code.

Century 21 EDI Carton Labeling

Every item MUST have the below information on the vendor tag or supplemental label:

  • Manufacturer’s Registration Number
  • Type of Fur (Animal Name) (for fur items)
  • Country of Origin of the animal (for fur items)
  • Process type (pointed, dyed, etc.)
  • Piece that contains the fur (hood, lining, etc.)
  • Real fur should only include the parts or pieces, on the label if the parts and pieces account for more than 10% of the fur.

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