EDI Barcode Requirements

Do it Best Corp. EDI Barcode Requirements

Barcoding is one among a number of automatic identification technologies available today. Its use is rapidly growing, particularly in the Hardlines industry. In devising these standards, Do it Best Corp. hopes to keep its vendors and members on the competitive edge.

Checklist of Barcode Requirements

Do it Best Corp. requires that all vendors provide: products which contain GTIN codes on the retail packaging, accurate GTIN code numbers corresponding to retail packaging, and shipping container codes (SCCs) on ship cartons. This policy will be upheld for all Do it Best Corp. products regardless of order type (warehouse, market, promotion, and drop ship).

Effective immediately, prospective new vendors must be in compliance with the Do it Best Corp. GTIN policies and standards prior to the commencement of purchasing activity. Below is a checklist of what Do it Best Corp. expects from all vendors:

  • Verify that all retail packages have been assigned a retail GTIN (UPC/UCC-12, EAN/UCC-13 or EAN/UCC-8 codes.)
  • Ensure the accuracy of barcode numbers previously provided. For UPC-A please provide 12 digits, UPC-E, will be stored as the original UPC-A, EAN 8 and 13 digits respectively.
  • Incorporate barcodes on retail packaging and shipping containers.
  • Communicate ship pack quantity levels for the SCC-14 (ITF-14) shipping container code.
  • Appoint a Product Code Contact and communicate this individual’s name and phone number to the Do it Best Corp. Product Code Specialist within 60 days of this notification.
  • Perform ongoing quality checks of product packaging containing barcodes and any barcode labels that may be affixed to packaging.

To learn more about EDI and become a certifiedĀ EDI Professional please visit ourĀ course schedule page.

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