Claims Submission Procedures

Claims Submission Procedures (First Time Submission Guidelines)

Claims Submission procedures should be followed once vendor has met Manitoba Health requirements using a new Electronic User Site Number. At this time, Manitoba Health will review any areas of concern that were noted during the testing process and address vendor questions relating to handling reduced, rejected and returned claims. Any additional practitioners that join your Electronic User Site will be required to sign a Letter of Agreement (LOA) confirming their responsibility for claims billed electronically on their behalf. The agreement will specify the effective starting service date for claims to be submitted electronically through your Electronic User Site Number. The start date entered on the form must reflect the service date of the oldest claim you plan to submit through your Electronic User Site for that practitioner.

Fee-for-service practitioners are also required to submit an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from. Blank copies of these forms will be supplied with the Go-Live Package you are sent by mail upon successful completion of the testing process. You are advised to contact your software vendor to discuss the processing of any outstanding receivables before deciding upon the start date.

First Time Claims Submission Procedures (New User Site)

1. You must inform the MHHLS Help Desk when you are ready to submit a file for the first time. They will provide you with a temporary password for your initial login. For this first submission “test” or “live” data is permissible.
2. For this first transmission MHHLS Help Desk staff will verify that the data has been received from your site.
3. It will no longer be necessary to print the support listing once submitting via the personal computer submission option.

Once all systems are in place for electronic billing, for technical problems such as file rejected/accepted, or password resets at the MB Health Mainframe Portal (black screen) you may direct your questions to our MHHLS Help Desk at 204-786-7200. The support line is available between the hours of 8:30 and 4:30 on business days.

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