EDI healthcareUnitedHealthcare COB Electronic Specifications

Using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for all eligible UnitedHealthcare transactions can help your organization improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase cash flow. UnitedHealthcare encourage you to use the following mapping tips.

For secondary professional or institutional claims to be paid electronically, the COB information must be submitted in the applicable loops and segments.

Loops IDs include:

  • 2320 – Other Subscriber Information
  • 2330A – Other Subscriber Name
  • 2330B – Other Payer Name
  • 2330C – Other Payer Referreding Provider
  • 2330D – Other Payer Rendering Provider
  • 2330E -Other Payer Service Facility Location
  • 2330F – Other Payer Supervising Provider
  • 2430 – Line Adjudication Information

More mapping tips and submitting secondary/COB claims electronically to UnitedHealthcare can be found in Companion Guides page for eCOB specifications.

To learn more about Healthcare EDI implementation, transactions and mapping, please visit our course schedule page.

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